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News video games 15 May 2024, 05:55

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Helldivers 2 Devs Take on Patrol Problem. There Are Also Talks About Test Server

Arrowhead Game Studios is working on a patch for Helldivers 2 to fix the issue of patrols and the respawn system. The studio is also said to be discussing some form of test server.

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainemnt

The dust is slowly settling following the controversy surrounding the mandatory linking of Steam accounts with the PlayStation Network, allowing the developers of Helldivers 2 - Arrowhead studio - to focus on improving their flagship game. On the game's Discord, the devs announced that they were working hard to fix an element that bothers players a lot.

We are discussing how often enemy patrols appear when dealing with smaller teams. According to the devs, the result was a "greater number of enemies than there should be." As a result, overwhelmed players resort to kiting (eliminating threats from a distance and fleeing when necessary), making the game "less fun." Representatives of Arrowhead emphasize that this applies to all participants of the game, but especially to smaller teams and people playing alone.

Developers were aware of this problem, but the recent "busy weeks" meant they didn't have time to address it.

There might be some minor tweaks, but overall we're reverting back to how patrols and spawn rate worked before the patch that changed them a few weeks ago -- devs assure in the statement.

The developers added that the fixes need to be properly tested and verified, so players should not expect their imminent introduction.

Even if this means we're faced with more bugs and bots than even the bravest of citizens would deem realistic for a while longer, we hope you're happy with us fixing the problem -- they concluded.

It is undeniable that this change is part of a widespread mission to regain the trust of Helldivers 2 players. The recent controversies have greatly damaged the reputation of the previously highly rated and sought-after game.

Test servers may also assist in this process, and their appearance in the game - in one form or another - is currently being discussed at Arrowhead Game Studios (via GamesRadar).

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