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News video games 11 December 2023, 14:20

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Hidden Message in OD Trailer; Hideo Kojima May be Referring to Silent Hills

In OD's trailer presented during TGA 2023, Hideo Kojima smuggled in an interesting clue. It may have to do with the would-be Silent Hills project, which the Japanese developer worked on at one time.

Source: YouTube, Kojima Productions, 2023

Anyone who follows Hideo Kojima's works knows that the acclaimed game designer loves to play cat-and-mouse with his fans. It was no different at this year's The Game Awards, during which he presented trailer for his latest project - OD. It turns out that as Udo Kier appears on the screen, there are also barely visible letters of the alphabet.

The interesting discovery was made by Xbox Central (via VGC), which, via X, published several screenshots. They show letters forming the word ATAMI. Journalists speculate that this may be related to the would-be Silent Hills.

Where did these speculations come from? Well, Atami is a city in Shizuoka Prefecture, and its name in kanji can be translated as "silent/quiet hill"..

However, the reason why Kojima would mention the popular horror series remains unknown. There is speculation that perhaps the creator is referring to the would be Silent Hills, the creation of which he at one time oversaw. Unfortunately, the difficult relationship with Konami led Hideo to part ways with the company and cancel the project.

OD - what do we know about Kojima's mysterious game?

All we know about OD is that Kojima's new game will make use of Microsoft's cloud gaming technology. During the TGA, Kojima defined OD as a "new type of entertainment medium."

To work on the title, the Japanese "recruited" various filmmakers, whose research he recently compared to the plot of "Seven Samurai."

Kamil Kleszyk

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