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News guides 05 June 2024, 02:54

author: Olga Fiszer

How to Deal with Tribesman Not Working in Soulmask

Having trouble with Tribesmen in Soulmask? Check out our guide where we explain how to assign tasks and what to do when your Tribesman is not working.

Source: Soulmask; developer: CampFire Studio

The Tribesmen system in Soulmask allows you to recruit NPC warriors and turn them into your loyal followers. You subdue them using the special mask and then bring them back to your base. Once there, you can manage your tribe, assigning followers tasks to gather resources or fight enemies; you can even take control of one yourself to directly experience the world. But with any system, there can be hitches. Having trouble with your Tribesmen not working as expected? This guide will help you getting your tribe running smoothly.

Soulmask – How to Assign Work to Triebesmen

As you complete the initial quests, you'll unlock the ability to build a large bonfire. This fiery beacon not only provides warmth and light, but also attracts your first Tribesman. They'll approach you, eager to join your settlement.

The "I" key opens the Clan menu, your central hub for all things tribe-related. Here, you can view information on each member, including their unique traits and skills (represented by icons) and their proficiency levels, which improve as they work.

To assign tasks, click the hammer and anvil icon on a Tribesman's bar in the Clan menu. This opens their work page. You can also access this menu by walking up to a Tribesman and holding the "E" key. Here you can delegate various duties:

  1. Operate Workbench.
  2. Wild Collection.
  3. Workshop Collection.
  4. Store Items.
  5. Withdraw Items.
  6. Farm Management.
  7. Crafting Table Autoplay.
  8. Breed & Slaughter Management.
  9. Camp Upkeep.
  10. Mine Exploitation.

You can also set up optional details, like Work Location, Work Goals and Quantity.

Soulmask – How to Deal with Stuck or Not Working Tribesmen

There can be a few reasons why your Tribesmen might not be working as expected in Soulmask. Here are some things to inspect:

  1. Check Priorities: Verify the order of tasks in the work page. The list you create sets priorities. Tribesmen will tackle tasks at the top first, moving to lower priorities only when the higher ones are complete or stalled.
  2. Missing Requirements: Some tasks require specific things to be set up, like storage location for gathered materials or tools. Don’t forget to add items to the crafting queue and build a Granary near the farm. You also have to designate crops for planting.
  3. Accessibility: Tribesmen can sometimes get stuck due to poor access or obstacles blocking their path. Make sure to set up all your workplaces and other objects with some space between them to ensure easy reach.

In Soulmask, Tribesmen can sometimes get stuck or stay idle even if there’s still work to do. While less common, occasional bugs or glitches might affect their functionality. If one of your workers is jammed in a doorway or can’t get up the stairs, give them a little push. When standing close, hold “E” and select Reposition. This lets you move them a few feet away.

Another, less obvious thing to do is to make sure your buildings have doors. Otherwise, your Tribesmen might stand in doorways endlessly. Remember that the game is still in Early Access, so the AI might still have small issues like this.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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