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News guides 05 June 2024, 02:18

How to Get Iron (Early Game) in Soulmask

Having trouble finding iron in the early game of Soulmask? Our guide will tell you where to look for it most effectively.

Source: Soulmask, developer: CampFire Studio

Soulmask is a TPP survival game full of elements taken from RPGs. In this game, players start a tribe, fighting for survival in a large open world. Obviously, exploration is necessary to discover new materials to expand your village. One of them is Iron. In our guide you will learn how you can get it in the early stages of the game.

Soulmask – How to Get Iron in Early Game

Iron is a component that is needed in the creation of newer items, such as upgrades of gear. So, it's not surprising that players want to find it early in the game. Unfortunately, while there may seem to be a lot of places with this ore, most of them have their own problems.

For example, the area recommended by fans to find iron mines is a desert, located north of the initial biome. The snag is that if players don't properly prepare for this expedition, they can quickly die. The temperature in that area is extreme - players receive heat damage during the day and cold damage at night, so proper clothing is important. Moreover, you need to watch out for powerful enemies like Ostriches.

There are also mines in the west, beyond the water. The problem is that this area is very far from the initial biome, and consequently, the time you will have to spend to get there will be very long.

However, there are locations with relatively easy to get iron. They are called the Ancient Ruins Dungeons. One of the primary enemies found there are robots that have the chance to drop Metal. You can melt this material to obtain Iron. However, remember that these opponents are found in deeper parts of this location. Therefore, if you want to get there just for the iron, skip fighting other organic opponents and look for the mechanical ones. In addition, some chests in these locations can also drop iron, so be sure to open them! If you want to find Ancient Ruins, you can use this interactive map created by fans.

Dawid Lubczynski

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