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News guides 14 May 2024, 07:49

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Defeat Bat in Animal Well

In one of the caves in Animal Well you will meet the Bat. From this guide you can learn how to defeat this creature.

Source: Animal Well, developer: Billy Basso

One of the most popular releases of the last week was Animal Well. This created by one person mix of a puzzle game and platformer received very good reviews – the average rating on Metacritic of 91% speaks for itself. As if that wasn't enough for you, during the peak, it has gathered more than 8,000 players (via SteamDB) on Steam at the same time. Many fans were allured by this dark world with interesting hostile creatures. One of them is a Bat. From this guide you will learn how to defeat it.

Animal Well – How to Defeat the Bat?

The Bat is one of the creatures that appears in Animal Well. You can meet this animal in only one place – room on north-west of the map. When you go there, you will be able to see this opponent only with a lit candle. It will fly above the ground and make it difficult for you to explore the room.

You can frighten the Bat in a very simple way – just enter the cave and throw 3 firecrackers. After a while, the creature will leave the location, and you will be free to explore. Sadly, this opponent will not drop anything. So, scaring him off pays off only if you want to inspect every corner of the room. In addition, it respawns after player's death. Therefore returning there after some time will require scaring the creature again.

You should remember that, on the left from the Bat room, there is a very important place. This is where you can take the K Medal and unlock the Bouncy Ball in return. You can find out exactly how to get this item in our other guide.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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Animal Well

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