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News guides 14 May 2024, 03:13

author: Olga Fiszer

How to Solve Egg Song in Animal Well and Get Office Key to House

Still trying to figure out the Egg Song in the Egg Room? Find more in our Animal Well guide, where we explain how to obtain the Office Key for the Hose at the end of the game.

Source: Animal Well; developer: Billy Basso

There’s a hidden secret in the Egg Room in Animal Well. Once you’ve collected all 64 eggs and obtained the UV light, you can solve the Egg Song Puzzle to reveal even more challenging riddles. This game truly is a one big brainteaser, but we’ll walk you through it step by step. Read on, if you want to learn the notes for the Egg Song and discover the location of the Office Key.

Secret Egg Room Song in Animal Well

Using the UV light tool in the Egg Room unveils that all eggs have mysterious lines on them. The room where you found the Flute holds the key for solving this puzzle. Turning on the UV light near the Flute chest will uncover the lines of notes 1,2, and 4.

We can decode it by understanding what each number means, or by interpreting it as binary counting, with the top line representing the rightmost digit. This approach should let you to identify each note and finish the song, but there’s a catch. One of the eggs is upside down, thus it should be read as two lines at the bottom instead of two lines at the top.

So, there it is, the complete set of 64 notes to play on your Flute in front of the eggs. If played correctly, a secret passage will open in the top right corner of the Egg Room. Go inside and take the Office Key from the chest. This key will open the office in the House (the room at the end of the game), where another puzzle is waiting to be solved. Just a little hint, it’s related to Bunnies.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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