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News guides 29 May 2024, 05:48

author: Olga Fiszer

Manticore in Animal Well, Ending and Post Game Explained

Uncover the True Ending of Animal Well following the epic battle with the Manticore boss. Learn about the post-game content and discover what awaits you after the credits roll.

Source: Animal Well; developer: Billy Basso

Even after defeating the Manticore in Animal Well, a sense of mystery remains. The game's cryptic world is riddled with secrets, and even the ending leaves players scratching their heads. This guide will help you understand what to do after the fight with Manticore and how to get to the True Ending of the game. So read on and watch out for massive spoilers.

Animal Well – Manticore, Ending and Post Game Explained

After obtaining the Lantern in Animal Well, you'll confront the final boss: a massive Manticore. The whole chasing sequence is very long and hard to finish, as you need to solve puzzles, use your tools, and repel the enemy, while still watching for other obstacles through the way. Gaming Grandpa has made a video tutorial where you can check how to beat the boss to complete the game.

As the game's credits roll across the screen, you can continue moving your character and wait until the game formally concludes. However, even after the last text expresses special thanks to us gamers, the game doesn't truly end. Upon defeating the final boss, you unlock the post-game content, where you can explore even more secrets and collect everything you missed along the way. And believe me, there's still plenty more to discover.

In the area where you defeated the Manticore, you’’ find a Key. Use it to unlock the door on the right. Go forward to discover the House, a special post credit room that conceals even more mysteries than you can imagine. Above the House there’s an Office accessible only after you acquire a special key related to the Egg Song Puzzle. Going forward you can visit the Clock Room related to speedruns rewards.

Animal Well – True Ending

But perhaps the most astonishing revelation awaits with the discovery of Animal Well true ending. To unlock the second encounter with the Manticore (yes, there's another), along with additional credits, you'll need to first collect:

  1. All 64 eggs. Check the video How To Find All Of The Eggs In Animal Well by FuryForged for an easy guide.
  2. All tools. Check their locations on the video by Nocaps.
Yellow circle marks the spot with the hidden passage leading to the Incubator Chamber. - Manticore in Animal Well, Ending and Post Game Explained - news - 2024-05-29
Yellow circle marks the spot with the hidden passage leading to the Incubator Chamber.

Only with all these objects collected, you can return to the room where you were chased by the first Manticore. On the left side of the four-room puzzle, there's a hidden passage. Use the Top tool to reveal it, and you'll discover the Incubator Chamber. Place the 65th egg inside to spawn the second Manticore.

Lure the Manticore to the right side of the puzzle room. Use its lasers to destroy the glass, revealing a Wheel pad. Operate the Wheel by using your Top tool, raising the block until it disappears.

Next, go back to the room with Incubator and with the same technique, break the glass on the left side wall. In the new room use the Remote on an alternating wall. You’ll see a raised block (previously lifted with the Wheel) and another wall that can be destroyed with the Bouncy Ball.

Stand in the left part of this room and play your Flute in front of the Flute Shrine. Jump inside the Manticore’s mouth to access the True Ending. But FYI, it’s still not the end of the game.

After the second set of credits, go up and until you reach solid ground. Follow the path and find a portal that you can use to go back to the well. There you can try to solve the puzzles with Bunnies, BDTP and find other secrets to discover. Looks like we'll be playing this game forever!

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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