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News guides 09 October 2023, 11:19

author: Ewa Ichniowska

How to Get 108 Basement Key in Thief Simulator 2

Lead: The House 108 in Thief Simulator 2 has a locked basement. In this guide, you will find out how to get the key to it.

Source: Thief Simulator 2, developer: MrCiastku

Thief Simulator 2 allows the players to experience the life of a professional thief yet again, with more houses to break into and more items to steal. The heists require careful preparation, including getting to know the schedule of the victim and learning various skills. Sometimes, certain areas in the house will be locked. This is the case with the basement in the House 108 on Madison St. In this article, you will learn how to find the key for it.

How to Get 108 Basement Key in Thief Simulator 2

Before getting into the House 108, you will have to spend some time researching the schedule of the man who lives there. He is an excentric who spends most of the time at home, so your time window for the heist will be limited. Keep in mind that in Thief Simulator 2, schedules can change without notice, as well.

Once you’ve identified a time where the target is about to leave:

  1. Park your truck to the left of the house and pick the lock to the fence.
  2. Get to the roof by climbing the scaffolding.
  3. Enter the bedroom on the second floor through the window once nobody is there.
  4. Locate the brown and white bedside table with a plant next to it. The basement key will be laying on top of the table.

Once you pick up the key and loot the second floor, you can go downstairs. The door to the basement is found below the stairs, on the side of the staircase. You can steal most of the items inside with just the key, but cracking the metal safe will require a stethoscope as well.

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