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News guides 14 March 2023, 14:02

author: Ewa Ichniowska

How to get Storm of a Hundred Twistears and King of Kings in WorldBox

Check this guide to find out how to get the the achievements Storm of Hundred Twistears (also known as Storm of a Hundred Twisters) and King of Kings in WorldBox.

Source: Maxim Karpenko

In the sandbox game WorldBox, the player takes on the role of a god who can create and destroy worlds as they see fit, free to raise their civilization or push it into a dark era. There are multiple achievements available in the game; in this guide, you will find how to obtain the Storm of a Hundred Twistears (also called the Storm of a Hundred Twisters by fans) and the King of Kings achievements.

Storm of a Hundred Twistears

Achievements in WorldBox can range from simple to very complex. Hundred Twistears is one of the former. To complete it all you need to do is:

  1. In the World Ages tab, pick the Age of Tears.
  2. Using the Tornado power, click on the map repeatedly.
  3. Continue until you’ve spawned 100 tornadoes. The achievement will unlock automatically.

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King of Kings

This is one of the more complicated achievements to obtain, as it can be done in multiple ways. King of Kings requires you to find a King with 20 traits without using the word editor. You are not limited to using a certain race, but some traits conflict with each other and cannot be obtained out of order. Below you will find some useful tips to help you in this lengthy process.

  1. Orcs are recommended for the achievement as they start with two traits: Regeneration and Savage, however, Elves or Dwarves may also work.
  2. You can either find a King with 5 traits and have them gain more, or get the achievement if the character becomes a ruler after getting 20 traits.
  3. If starting with a King, avoid getting the trait Madness, as it will remove the King status. Otherwise, you can use Madness to get the Veteran trait faster and then cure Madness with Holy Light before making the character a monarch.
  4. Immortal and Immune traits will make it impossible to obtain some traits like Mush Spores, Tumor or Zombie Infection, so make sure you add them last.

How to get Storm of a Hundred Twistears and King of Kings in WorldBox - picture #1

  1. The infectious traits mentioned above can be dangerous to your world; to avoid them spreading, you can build an isolated island to train your King.
  2. Kill a Dragon, a Mage and a King to gain the Dragon Slayer, Mage Slayer and King Slayer traits.
  3. Fighting in multiple battles and taking enough attacks may result in getting the Skin Burns, One Eye and Crippled traits.
  4. Giving your Orc a shield buff and Blessed trait before hitting them with lightning is an easy way to obtain the Energised and Immortal traits.
  5. You cannot edit your King but you can edit their enemies to make them weaker, or the citizens of the kingdom to give them negative traits and make it more likely your character will be chosen as King.
  6. Make sure you don’t take too long so your King doesn’t die of old age!