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News guides 28 February 2024, 22:23

author: Damian Gacek

How to Use Side Rack in Pacific Drive

Side Rack is an important element of your car in the Pacific Drive. You can attach to it some interesting upgrades.

Source: Pacific Drive, developer: Ironwood Studios

Pacific Drive is an exploration survival game in which your best friend is a car. Of course, you have to take care of it, for example by upgrading the vehicle. Side racks are a great place to install some of the most important elements. However, you have to unlock them first. Let’s learn more about it.

How to unlock Side Racks in Pacific Drive

To use Side Racks, you have to unlock them first. You can do that at Fabrication Station. Go to the Expansion Racks tab and find a proper option. If you want to get this additional car space, you will have to pay 2 Steel sheets each and 0,5 – 2 Stable energy. To get the energy you have to collect Stable Anchors.

Once you unlock Side Racks, you will be able to install them. You can do that on the back windows in your car, two on each side, four in total.

Side Racks alone do nothing. They are only fundaments for further improvements. There are two very important car upgrades, which can be attached to them:

  1. Side Storage – you can unlock it for 0,5 Stable energy and build it for 2 Scrap metal, 4 Duct tape and 12 Fabric. It will expand your storage space significantly.
  2. Side Fuel Tank – to unlock it you must spend 0,8 Stable energy and 1 Fabric. It is possible to craft it for 5 Rubber and 1 Steel sheet. This upgrade adds to your tank capacity, which will save you a lot of trouble with refueling.

As you can see above, you will need at least two Side Racks, but unlocking all of them will be even more useful.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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