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News guides 23 February 2024, 01:03

author: Damian Gacek

How to Get and Use Transfer Trunk in Pacific Drive

Transfer Trunk is useful tool in Pacific Driver. Let’s learn more about how to get and use it.

Source: Pacific Drive, developer: Ironwood Studios

Pacific Drive is the newest, quite unique, survival game. The title takes you on the trip through dangerous Zone. However, you are accompanied by your car, so nothing wrong can happen to you, right? Your main task is to leave this dangerous place. Before you do that though, you will have to gather many resources. Transfer Trunk can help you with that, it will not collect materials, but it will do the second best thing – you will manage them easier.

How to Get Transfer Trunk in Pacific Drive

Transfer Trunk is a reward for completing a few introductory runs. It means that you will not have to do anything special to collect it. It will be spit out by you Friendly Dumpster. So, be patient and play the game.

How to Use Transfer Trunk in Pacific Drive

Many players are confused by the Transfer Trunk, as it seems that the item is not very useful, especially at the beginning. However, it is not entirely true. It allows you to move various objects from your trunk to the storages in the Garage.

Hold Transfer Trunk in your hand and interact with your car trunk. Move items from one trunk to the other and distribute them freely to storages. While this functionality seems to be unimportant with your initial locker, which is close to the car, it is quite handy in the later stages of the game when you have more containers, which are further away.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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