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News video games 03 April 2021, 18:56

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Icarus From DayZ Devs With New Live-action Trailer

RocketWerkz and Dean Hall presented a live-action trailer of their upcoming game. The trailer enable us to get a glimpse of the world we'll be exploring in Icarus.

  • Icarus has received another trailer;
  • The seven-minute live-action trailer introduces the story of the alien planet we'll be exploring;
  • Still no release date has been revealed.

Icarus is an upcoming game developed by RocketWerkz, the creators of DayZ. The new game by New Zealand-based developers is a SF survival title. Yesterday's trailer enables us to explore the world's history. The seven-minute video shows scenes from the discovery of an alien planet, the experiences of the first astronauts landing on it and the plot associated with the abandonment of terraforming in favor of the exploitation of the planet's precious natural resources. These resources will be your motivation for challenging mother nature.

Icarus will be a unique combination of science fiction and traditional survival. Despite setting the action on an alien planet, we will still be forced to use primitive weapons such as bows, maces or simple rifles. A special vehicle will help us in exploration. The environment in which we'll find ourselves will be initially familiar, because according to the plot, the planet has been partially terraformed. On the surface we'll encounter fauna and flora known from Earth. It's the wild animals that will stand on our way to become rich and survive. In addition, we'll have to take care of oxygen supplies and food.

The creators have announced that the game will be divided into three chapters. In the first we'll visit the sectors of the planet that most resemble Earth. In the next, much more exotic and dangerous regions will await us. An important element of the game's mechanics is the need to leave the planet on time. The lander, which drops the players to the surface, will wait for them only for a certain period of time. All our achievements will be worth nothing if the spacecraft returns to the orbit without us.

For now, the game's release date has not been disclosed. The game will be available in free-to-play model.



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