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Infection Free Zone (IFZ) - Coop and Multiplayer Explained

Managing a base with friends in a world overrun by Zombies seems like an interesting idea. In our guide we explain if coop and multiplayer is possible in IFZ.

Source: Infection Free Zone, developer: Jutsu Games

Infection Free Zone is a survival city builder game in which the world has been overrun by humans turned by a virus into aggressive zombie-like creatures. One of the distinctive features of this title is that players can choose any real-world city as the terrain of their actions, thanks to the resources of the OpenStreetMap service. Possibility to defend your hometown against enemies is an interesting idea, and asks for inviting neighbors and friends. This is why players are wondering if there will be a multiplayer mode in IFZ. In our guide we will answer this question.

Infection Free Zone – Coop and Multiplayer Explained

Infection Free Zone's multiplayer mode sounds like an interesting alternative that will fit perfectly with the title's atmosphere and gameplay. The IFZ community of players is wondering about the possible addition of this feature. This has not escaped the attention of the developers. Creators have published FAQ with many interesting questions on the Steam forum, including one regarding the potential appearance of a co-op mode.

Can you add multiplayer to the game?

At this point, it's not really possible. The game's architecture wasn't made with multiplayer in mind and adding co-op would require at least an additional full year of development. Instead, we want to focus on making the best single-player experience possible.

From the news provided by the game's developers, it seems that it is unlikely for multiplayer mode to happen. The creators definitely prefer to focus more on providing the best possible single-player experience.

If, despite the lack of multiplayer mode, you are still interested in Infection Free Zone, but do not know how to get started, we encourage you to visit our guide, which includes the most important tips for beginners.

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Dawid Lubczynski

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