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News guides 11 April 2024, 04:21

author: Olga Fiszer

Infection Free Zone - How to Get Tools

Looking for Resources in Infection Free Zone? Here’s everything you need to know about getting Basic Tools and building a Tool Factory.

Source: Infection Free Zone; developer: Jutsu Games

Infection Free Zone is a base-builder strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by infected. As a leader of a group of survivors, you choose a real-world city to rebuild your base. You’ll need to scavenge resources, adapt existing buildings for your needs, and construct defenses to fend off the infected hordes at night. The game just entered Early Access on April 11, 2024, and some mechanics are still a bit too enigmatic for players. Read on, if you want to know how to get tools necessary for building purposes.

How to Get Tools in Infection Free Zone

Tools in Infection Free Zone are a type of resources. You’re going to need it to build a Field for growing food and some other valuable structures. Here’s how you can get tools:

  1. Explore buildings by scavenging. Search every abandoned location around your base to find resources. There is a small chance you will get tools. While they are rare, you have a higher odds of finding them in some Shops (press V, to check potential loot on the map).
  2. After building a Research Center, you will be able to produce them in Tool Factory once you’ve researched this technology. You can find it in Construction section, it costs 2 Scientific Materials.

Gathering resources is essential to ensure a steady supply of food for your survivors and upgrading your base for a well-equipped defense against the infected. While Tools may be hard to find at first, you will eventually be able to make them yourself.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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Infection Free Zone

Infection Free Zone