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News video games 25 July 2022, 14:02

author: Sonia Selerska

It There's No NFT in Minecraft, There Will be Minecraft in NFT

A desperate company that until now distributed NFT for Minecraft has been left with nothing due to the recent changes in the rules. NFT Worlds members have announced work on an alternative to what they believe is an outdated title.

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Just 5 days ago, Mojang announced work on updating the rules for using Minecraft, which are expected to include a ban on the use of the blockchain system and NFTs in the context of their game. It only took 2 days for one company, basing its business model entirely on these features, to respond to the developers' decision. Their plan is very ambitious.

New direction

NFT Worlds is a company that has so far been selling seeds (codes used to generate worlds) for Minecraft, in the form of NFTs. With Mojang's new regulations coming into force, it becomes impossible to continue this type of business.

The new idea for the company to continue its operations was published on their official account on Twitter on July 22, 2 days after Mojang's announcement. Surprisingly, NFT Worlds shared an information about the plans to create an alternative to Minecraft, incorporating elements of NFT and blockchain.

To be precise, the upcoming game is not meant to become a clone of the original, but to be based on similar mechanics and ideas, while improving the visual elements, optimization and overall gameplay experience.

The announcements are quite vague at this stage, but we do know that the title is expected to be free and attractive also for players not interested in NFTs. This is definitely a drastic step on the part of a company previously not involved in video game production.

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The idea

Members of NFT Worlds did not hide their disappointment with the decision of the developers of Minecraft, calling their actions a step backward for the game's development. In an official announcement they state:

"Microsoft, Mojang and Minecraft have signaled they have no regard for creators, builders and players if at any moment a new idea or vision conflicts with any internal politics or opinions of their power holding minority; regardless of their public facing ideals around creators and developers they say they uphold."

Moving on, the developers of the new game call their activities an open war between web2 and web3. This refers to the idea of degrees of evolution of the web, where NFT Worlds positions itself as pioneers of a new level of development.

"We’re fighting for a future with a player owned and operated economy, where all participants benefit from their contributions to the ecosystem. We recognize this is a monumental task."

NFT Worlds is not afraid to voice promises that are, at first glance, too difficult to fulfill. However, they are not the only company that has been denied a future opportunity at one point, so one can assume that their project will rely heavily on a community of like-minded players and authors.

Do you believe in the future of an alternative to Minecraft and the ideas advertised by its creators?

Sonia Selerska

Sonia Selerska

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