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News video games 14 August 2015, 14:19

author: luckie

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – See a Sword Combat Presentation

A new video from Kingdom Come: Deliverance appeared, in which the developers are discussing sword combat system.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – See a Sword Combat Presentation - picture #1
Kingdom Come: Deliverance will let players feel like armor-clad medieval knights.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is bringing about the most authentic sword fighting to date, according to its developers from Warhorse Studio. The Czechs has spent much time studying medieval martial arts, recording historical fencing practicioners in a motion capture studio, designing animations, and programming complex systems to implement these into the game. As a result they got what seems to be an incredibly realistic combat model based on physics and procedural animations. See the video below to learn more about that:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available now in early access for backers. The full release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One is planned for summer 2016.

  1. Official website of Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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