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News video games 10 December 2022, 16:27

author: Damian Gacek

Knights of Honor 2 - Best Tips: Beginner's Guide

In this article we present the Beginner's Guide to Knights of Honor 2. With our tips you will succeed in creating a powerful kingdom.

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign is a strategy game that allows the player to take on the role of ruler of a medieval kingdom. The player has to take care of the economy, army and diplomatic relations. As grand strategy games can be a bit daunting for new players (especially at the beginning), in this Beginner's guide we have prepared a number of tips that will make Knights of Honor 2 much easier for you.

Knights of Honor 2 Tips: Court

  1. Hire nobles – you can hire different nobles for positions. It is thanks to them that you will be able to run the country. Merchants will see to your trade agreements and marshals will lead your armies, etc.
  2. Remember about governors – your cities can be governed by governors (hired nobles), and it is worth doing this as you will receive considerable bonuses. Remember to assign governors to provinces, bearing in mind which settlements are in them. The marshal will give you much more profit if he is assigned to a province with castles.
  3. Family members can also be knights – if you don't have money (or don't want to spend it), your family members can also become part of your court, and their position will depend on their education.
  4. Firing knights has consequences – if you want to fire courtiers, some social group will not like it. Keep this in mind.
  5. Educate nobles – by spending books you can improve your knights. Take advantage of this. Skills learnt in this way have their own ranks which can be upgraded.

Knights of Honour 2 Tips: Provinces and buildings

  1. Keep in mind the opinion of your subjects – you can see the public mood in the top left corner of the screen. If you keep your citizens happy, they will give you various bonuses.
  2. Make a trade agreement – a trade agreement is the ideal type of deal, it doesn't require any commitment from you, and it brings in revenue and makes your traders happy. However, remember that in order for a trade route to be profitable, you need to assign a merchant to it.
  3. Special buildings are important – your settlements may have special buildings. These are listed at the bottom of the building screen. They are worth constructing as they can give you powerful bonuses.
  4. Don't forget about building upgrades – the buildings in your settlements can be upgraded. There are always several to choose from, so this gives you some freedom to adapt the building to your needs. However, remember that such an upgrade becomes part of the blueprint and builds in all provinces.
Knights of Honor 2 - Best Tips: Beginners Guide - picture #1
  1. When building, remember about the province – your provinces are composed of the main city and adjacent settlements. You will know their number if you open the province screen (bottom left corner) or after selecting a province - centre, bottom. Some buildings give a bonus for each settlement of a certain type. You should keep this in mind when constructing your first buildings.
  2. You won't build everything at once – some buildings require different structures, and some upgrades require access to resources. You need to be patient and plan ahead. Remember that merchants can import goods.

Knights of Honor 2 Tips: Army

  1. Recruiting (and replenishment) of troops requires workers – when recruiting troops, you not only have to keep in mind the number of available levies (top right corner of the screen). Enlisting troops also requires workers directly from the province. Keep this in mind when recruiting.
  2. Don't leave army creation to the last minute – as already mentioned, an army requires workers and levies. Both are resources that renew themselves over time, but you cannot count on creating a powerful army in a matter of moments. That takes time.
  3. Always have a settlement dedicated to enlisting an army – it is always worth having at least one province to serve as a source of quality soldiers. Trained soldiers will always win against peasants.
  4. Supplies are important – your army needs supplies to function. So replenish them on occasion. In enemy territory, you can do this by raiding and plundering settlements.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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