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News video games 20 April 2022, 13:59

author: Michael Zegar

Latest FS 22 Patch Broke the Game; Players Angry

Yesterday's 1.4 update for Farming Simulator 22 is causing problems with scripts from ModHub, which has resulted in complaints from players on Twitter. What's more, the free DLC Precision Farming may contribute to reduced yields in some situations.

Yesterday marked the release of free DLC Precision Farming and update 1.4 for Farming Simulator 22. The expansion can be downloaded by anyone interested via the official ModHub on all hardware platforms. The number of features introduced by the DLC can be browsed here.

Problem with mods

However, it seems that not everything has gone according to plan. Recently the Twitter account of technical support of GIANTS Software (the game's developer) posted the following message:

"We have identified the cause of an issue with scriptmods in Patch 1.4 and will deploy a hotfix as quickly as possible."

What does this mean?

It appears that patch 1.4 conflicts with many popular script-based mods for Farming Simulator 22, which functioned flawlessly before the update.

We are talking about modifications that e.g. change the economy of the game or the system of erecting structures. The result of this conflict is usually frozen loading screen or error while starting the game.

The solution is on its way

The studio is already working on a solution to the problem. We will update this news when the hotfix is published.

However, a ton of negative comments from Twitter users quickly appeared under the announcement, claiming that devs should have thoroughly tested the update with the scripts available in the ModHub library.

Reddit user comments

It is also worth mentioning the advice of user 24glarsen - it may save some virtual farmers a surprise.

After installing the aforementioned DLC we will find new mechanics in the game, such as analysis of soil samples. This is what 24glarsen is warning against:

"Make sure you harvest everything before you install precision farming because the mod will cut your yield in half while it’s installed until you take soil samples of all your fields. (...).

I usually get 90k liters of canola from one of my fields, had it double fertilized and rolled, got 44k after downloading Precision Farming before harvest."

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