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News video games 13 June 2023, 21:44

author: Maciej Gaffke

Levitating Arms on Hell Let Loose Trailer; Players Embarrassed [UPDATE]

The developers of Hell Let Loose displayed less than stellar performance with the Devotion to Duty update trailer. Players immediately pointed out numerous flaws in the material.


The promised announcement in which the studio addressed the trailer for the Devotion to Duty update, has seen the light of day. The developers begin it with the words: "We’re sorry, everyone."

"We’re sorry, everyone.

What we’d hoped would be an exciting and immersive trailer for our next update - Devotion to Duty - has unfortunately fallen short of expectations. We understand that you were eagerly awaiting the trailer, and we deeply apologize for the disappointment, frustration, and sense of let-down felt among the community.

Hell Let Loose has always aimed to provide an authentic and immersive experience, and the latest updates haven’t reflected this as well as they should have. We hear and value your feedback and are dedicated to actioning it across future updates.

Team17 and Cover 6 Studios’ vision is to remain true to the game's origins, retaining the core strategic squad-based shooter Hell Let Loose is known for, while inviting more like-minded players, so everyone can enjoy the game.

Like Hell Let Loose, communication is the key to success, something we are continuing to work to improve. With an initial focus on improving the Hell Let Loose experience, we have been slower than we had hoped in addressing the core gameplay and meta, with our latest updates having fallen short of expectations. Although such changes won’t happen overnight, our commitment remains unwavering.

We want to improve on each update we deliver and are learning from and embracing your experiences and feedback. We will take steps to address this in future updates and are revisiting the ways in which we can actively work with you, with a renewed focus on delivering the best possible Hell Let Loose experience.

In our next Dev Brief, landing on Friday the 16th of June, we’ll be outlining the initial fixes for the patch releasing on the 22nd of June. In subsequent dev briefs, we’ll deliver an overview of when fixes for other known issues come online, while determining how we further improve the quality of life of Hell Let Loose, keeping you up to date with any progress and changes.

Thank you for all of your heartfelt feedback, passion, and continued support.

We’ll see you all on the frontline."

Original message

Hell Let Loose will receive an update on July 18, titled Devotion to Duty. The developers recently released a trailer that advertizes the new content. Unfortunately, the footage turned out to be severely underdeveloped. Players pointed out numerous errors and loudly expressed their embarrassment.

Charging hands and a motionless soldier

Trailer for Devotion to Duty was presented at the recent PC Gaming Show and lasted just over two minutes. It zooms in on the Objective mode, in which players will fight in groups of 25v25 for control of the Brécourt battery. Their tasks are also to include attacking or defending artillery guns.

A lot of comments appeared under the footage, pointing out numerous mistakes to the developers. Among other things, viewers noticed charging hands among the Germans or an American army soldier "A-posing". The wrong position of the magazine in one of the weapons or mistakes by voice actors were also spotted.

Levitating Arms on Hell Let Loose Trailer; Players Embarrassed [UPDATE] - picture #1
source: PCGamesN/Black Matter
Levitating Arms on Hell Let Loose Trailer; Players Embarrassed [UPDATE] - picture #2
source: PCGamesN/Black Matter

Not surprisingly, the trailer for Devotion to Duty has met with criticism. Currently, the video published on the game's official YouTube profile has more than 5500 ratings - only 760 of them are positive, as many as 4800 thousand users rated it negatively.

"I can't believe that the whole team saw it and thought it was good enough," user Daniel Prosser wrote under the video.

The official profile of the game on Discord will soon see an announcement on the quality of the trailer.

"Our intention was to hold a briefing for developers, but instead we will take some time to explain the trailer for the 15th update and give further details about the new game mode, which will be released on July 18," the Discord post reads.

Hell Let Loose - a well-regarded game

Despite the fact that Devotion to Duty cannot boast a good start, Hell Let Loose is an overall very positively received game. The PC version currently has an average rating of 79/100 on Metacritic, as well as 86% positive reviews (out of more than 65,000) on Steam. The all-time activity record for the game amounted to 18,280 players and was reached almost a year ago.

Developers of Hell Let Loose are planning to introducing the Polish army and a battle focusing on the defense of the Polish Post Office in Gdansk.

However, it should be noted that the original developer - Black Matter - is no longer involved in the game as much as it once was. Currently, the team is working mainly on a completely new project, unrelated to Hell Let Loose. In order to support the further development of this World War II FPS, the game's publisher, Team17, has created Cover 6 Studios.

Hell Let Loose made its debut on the market in July 2021. Initially, the game was only available on PC, but a few months later it also came to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

Maciej Gaffke

Maciej Gaffke

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