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News video games 09 May 2022, 12:08

author: Miriam Moszczynska

LoL Bug Blocks Chat, Some Players Want it to Stay

A bug has appeared in League of Legends that can preven players from using the chat. It also affects other parts of the game and has not yet been fixed.

A new bug has appeared in League of Legends, enabling the players to mute all users during a match. Although it doesn't stop at just invisibility of chat messages. In addition to the player who types this command, everyone else present on Summoner's Rift loses the ability to post in chat.

The power to silence

Chat in LoL is not one of the most friendly places, but blocking it completely does not do any good either. To prevent all players, including those on the opposing team, from chatting, just type "%i:".

In the video below you can see how the bug works in practice.

Of course, this situation can be remedied. Just have someone else type "%" in the chat, and you can enjoy the bliss of communication again.

Not just chat

As it turns out, typing this command in a private message in League of Legends client has the same effect as using it in-game. Players in the comments under the video also pointed out that the bug mutes alert pings (fast signals).

"The pings and so on also disappeared. Although you could still hear messages being sent. As I played, it was pretty funny because we thought our teammate had broke the chat for good," wrote Kev Kev.

Maybe Riot shouldn't fix this bug?

Among the reactions to the aforementioned bug many players admitted that Riot Games had basically fixed their game by accident. Some users do not want the bug to be removed.

Instead, they propose that it be integrated into LoL as one of the permanent features. After all, it would be a good way for people not to find out unknown facts about their family.

"Bugs are evolving and become aware to the point where they solve Riot's problems themselves," wrote Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius.

"Don't let them fix it! Make it an option. Silencing a toxic player who spoils the game has never been as easy as it is now," wrote Adam Záliš.

Of course, the ability to mute someone already exists in LoL. It doesn't work in the same way as the bug, but it still enables us to protect ourselves from toxicity. We are talking about the commands "/mute all" and "/mute player_name". You can also disable chat in the settings.

Back to the bug - at the time of writing this message, it has not yet been fixed. However, we can expect such a turn of events in the near future.

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