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News video games 26 April 2022, 13:37

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Lost Ark Community's Hate is Driving Community Managers Crazy

Community managers do not have an easy life. Constant hate from the community, even if they are not responsible for the game's condition, is taking its toll. One of the CMs of Lost Ark forum decided to refer to the situation.

The life of developers, as well as people responsible for keeping the forums in check, is not the easiest one. Especially when the game you're moderating isn't doing so well. One of the community managers of Lost Ark pointed out this issue.

Moderators, developers, the entire staff - they are people too

Players on the forums are not used to express their frustration or outrage at certain situations in a gentle manner. After all, this is the Internet and we all hide under pseudonyms. Nevertheless community managers of Lost Ark are fed up with the hate pouring on them.

"Communicating with you guys has gotten extremely hard. I understand the distrust and the anger but once again, please let’s all take a moment to remember that after reading 50 posts about how CMs suck or we hate the players… doesn’t feel good reading even more. Like, what am I supposed to even say at that point?

I know I’m going to get alot ‘well, what about this problem?!?!’ or ‘instead of wasting this time trying to have a talk, why not fix something?!?!’ or ‘why are you ignoring or trying to hurt us!?!?!’," writes an excerpt from the post by Shadow_Fox.

The whole message can be found on the official forum of Lost Ark, but at this point it's also worth mentioning what one of the moderators wrote on a subreddit dedicated to Smilegate's game.

"Any person who finds themselves on this subreddit spewing venom at CMs is not welcome here.

I 100% support free speech and have informed the mod team here to NOT take down posts criticizing the game and other things. However, anyone who just harasses CMs gets an INSTA BAN. Report such people to me in a private message."

Cultural part of the community

As is usually the case, those who have the least to say are the loudest. No wonder that the "more mature" part of the Lost Ark community completely does not understand the behavior of haters.

"Hey! Just wanted to chime in but i’ve always tried to push negativity away from here as many don’t seem to understand the difference between Developers and Publishers and I think the CM’s are doing pretty good. My only issue which I believe a lot of people would probably agree with me is that the communication is hit and miss and I know you guys can’t say everything you want to etc," wrote IPanda.

"Community managers are just middlemen.

It's like getting angry at the mailman for bringing the bills," wrote kukkelii.

This is, of course, one of many comments expressing support for community managers that can be found under Shadow_Fox's post. While we can expect that such an appeal will temporarily alleviate the militant moods of some forum members complaining about the game's condition, similar "reminders" will probably appear on the forums more than once.

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