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News video games 27 April 2023, 14:49

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Sad Amazon MMO Fans Lose Cherished Meeting and Conversation Space

New World and Lost Ark players are furious with Amazon for its decision to shut down the official forums for these games.

Amazon has irritated New World and Lost Ark fans. No, it's not about changes to these games or the appearance of new bugs (not just about that, anyway). Players did not like the announcement of the closure of the official forums for these games.

  1. As we read in the announcements from Amazon, the company wants to focus on the recently opened channels of its games on Discord. To this end, employees responsible for online forums will be posted to these channels to help oversee them and further develop them.
  2. On May 1, the ability to add new messages to the forums will disappear, and Amazon will take care of "archiving" their content, primarily player reviews.

Discord too chaotic for gamers?

Speaking of which, gamers are not thrilled with Amazon's decision, considering it a flick to the community's nose. The main problem is that Discord doesn't allow for separate topics, such as bug reports with screenshots. The conversation is based on live chat, with, according to fans, quickly and rather carelessly written messages.

  1. In other words, according to Internet users the move from the forum will make it harder to find threads about specific problems, not to mention ways to solve them, on channels full of messages from all users.
  2. By the same token, it may make it more difficult to discuss or even notice official announcements or replies from developers (although it should be remembered that posts can be "sticked" to a special list).
  3. Some Internet users admit that there have been too many "toxic" discussions in the official forums. Nevertheless, even these people believe that Amazon has made a fatal mistake. They also do not expect it will increase the "communicativeness" of the developers of New World and Lost Ark.
Sad Amazon MMO Fans Lose Cherished Meeting and Conversation Space - picture #1
New World and Lost Ark players don't like the switch to Discord. Source: Amazon Games.

It should be added that players still have a place for "old-fashioned" forum discussions, for example, on Reddit threads. True, the platform doesn't offer everything fans know from Amazon's official forum, but it's always some substitute for those who need separate threads for different discussions.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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