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News video games 05 April 2022, 15:18

Lost Ark Will Get Tons of New Features; More Specializations and Raids in April

Lost Ark developers have shared a new roadmap for the game. In April and May the players will get a ton of novelties.

  • Lost Ark devs have revealed their plans for further development of the MMO;
  • New character class specializations will come to the game, as well as challenges and raids;
  • The new features will be introduced in April and May.

Dust after the release of Lost Ark has settled and the developers must now focus on enriching the game with new content to keep the fans. Fortunately, the developers have extensive plans.

An entry appeared on the game's official website, which presents a list of new content that will hit the MMO in the next two months. Fans can count on new character classes, raids and locations.

What's new in Lost Ark?

Further development of Lost Ark is scheduled over the next two months. Some novelties will hit the game this month, for the rest we will have to wait until May. Below you will find a list.


  1. A new specialization of the Martial Arts Master class called Glaivier will come to the game. The character has two weapons: a spear and a glaive. Both of them will have unique skill sets.
  2. Lost Ark will gain a new continent: South Vern. The location was once a lifeless wasteland, but the use of combined technologies of different races led to its transformation into a land flowing with milk and honey. Now the region is threatened by the dangers that previously ravaged North Vern.
  3. There will be new skins, events and rewards unlocked for regular logins. Changes will also include the store.
  4. Many quality of life changes will be introduced to the game.


  1. A new Warrior class specialization called Destroyer will be added to the game. This character uses a powerful hammer, and relies on merciless attack in combats. He can also bend the law of gravity and affect the surrounding enemies.
  2. Lost Ark will also see Trial Guardian raids. These will be weekly events where players will compete against three powerful Guardians. Each week one of them will be replaced by a new opponent, so the challenge should be enjoyable even if repeated regularly.
  3. The creators are also preparing a lot of minor quality of life changes and novelties.
Lost Ark Will Get Tons of New Features; More Specializations and Raids in April - picture #1
Source: Lost Ark

These new features are bound to appear in Lost Ark in May. However, it is possible that they will not be the only ones.

The developers have also announced that they are working on several other elements, the addition of which to the game is not certain at the moment.

In a post on the MMO's website it was revealed that it will depend on the players' progress. This is because the developers don't want to put too much pressure on them by releasing events that are too challenging for most of the community.

However, if the developers think that the fans are ready for it, the game will include the novelties listed below:

  1. A new raid in which players will face a powerful boss named Deskaluda. In the moment of introducing this content to the game he will be one of the most powerful opponents present in the world of Lost Ark.
  2. A Legion Raid called Valtan will be coming to the game. It is a type of raid created with team gameplay in mind. It will require cooperation between players, as well as dedicating a considerable amount of time. The challenge will receive two difficulty levels.

More details about each of the listed novelties can be found in the official post.

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