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News video games 09 November 2022, 12:36

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Mass Effect Fans Celebrate N7 Day With New Adventure for ME2

The creator of one of the newer mods for Mass Effect 2 has prepared a little surprise for players on the occasion of N7 Day.

Mass Effect has been on the lips of many fans again recently, and this is mainly due to the short teaser of the fifth installment. This, as well as yesterday's N7 Day holiday, may be a reason for some to return to the original trilogy; or perhaps even get acquainted with it for the first time. This fact has been exploited by the creator of a certain modification for Mass Effect 2, revealing its secrets during N7 Day.

Modification that is quite a help

Nose Astra Mineral Exchange is the work of user beccatoria, who has created many other modifications for Mass Effect games. This particular one, however, focuses on the second installment, and more specifically the raw materials that need to be obtained in it.

The modification can be quite a help for many people, and at the same time also a new challenge (as if someone in the basic game had not enough of them). This is because it enables you to trade element zero, iridium, platinum, palladium, as well as credits with NPCs.

The mod in question launched on September 10, this year, but beccatoria himself recalled it during N7 Day. He was mildly surprised that players had not discovered some of the secrets the modification offers; so he decided to reveal them himself. He released an instructional video, in which he showed the possibility of unlocking a terminal on the Shadow Broker's ship, offering discounts, as well as a separate side quest. You can watch his tutorial below.

You can see that the creator has worked hard on Nos Astral Mineral Exchange - for the exchanges are extensive and include recorded dialogue lines for the characters. It is worth mentioning that there are many humorous elements throughout the modification, as can be seen from its description itself:

"Nos Astra Mineral Exchange offers the opportunity to trade goods [...] on competitive terms, for only a modest financial commitment! (NAE is not responsible for the quality and reliability of promotional content). Sign up for an account today!"

Mod's technical issues

It should be noted that Nos Astra Mineral Exchange is only available for ME2's Legendary Edition from 2021. The developer explained that the original ME2 is more difficult to modify (especially when it comes to voice acting).

The mod is only available in English. You can download it from Nexus Mods.

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