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News video games 10 November 2022, 14:13

author: Adrian Werner

Mass Effect 3 LE Refreshed in Giant Fan Project

We finally lived to see the release of the Project Variety mod version for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The modification thoroughly improves the game's campaign and fixes many of its problems.

Project Variety, one of the best mods for Mass Effect 3, finally lived to see a version for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

  1. The new incarnation of the mod is simply called Project Variety (LE3). "LE3" is a common abbreviated name among fans of modifications to the series, denoting the refreshed version of Mass Effect 3 included in Legendary Edition.
  2. You can download the modification from Nexusmods. This is a very extensive project - its files take up 6.1 GB.
  3. The mod requires two other projects - a tool called ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (with its help you can install fan modifications for this game) and LE3 Community Patch, which fixes the game's most important problems.

The purpose of Project Variety is to thoroughly revamp the game's campaign, so as to remove inaccuracies from it and make it visually more varied, as well as expand its content.

The mod restores cut locations and scenes. Virtually all locations and missions have been reworked to better reflect the reality of the storyline. For example, in the Citadel, humans are in the minority, and during skirmishes enemies use weapons that match the location and their faction. As a result, on Rannoch, for example, geth forces use homemade equipment instead of human technology.

Inaccuracies have also been removed from the script, and an additional codex filled with information from books and comics from the Mass Effect universe has been introduced and a ton of small visual bugs related to textures and cut scenes have been fixed. There were also many new items.

  1. Project Variety (LE3) NexusMods
  2. Project Variety - an older version of the mod for Mass Effect 3
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