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News video games 28 July 2023, 13:30

Men of War 2 Final Beta Sign-ups Begin

The release of Men of War II is fast approaching. Nevertheless, the developers still have time to conduct its final beta tests, for which you can sign up on Steam.

Source: Fulqrum Publishing / Steam

Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way have announced the third and final beta test of Men of War II. Players will have time from August 10 to 14 to check out the game. Sign-ups take place on Steam - to get on the list of testers, click on the "Request Access" button, visible on the game's card.

  1. Men of War II on Steam
  1. During the open beta testing players will have the opportunity to try out the classic game modes available in Men of War II. Participants will be able to choose the nation they want to represent, and will then get access to all the units of that army in each game.
  2. In addition, the devs will provide Realism Mode, which offers wider opportunities to neutralize and capture enemy vehicles, fewer visibility and health indicators for units, limited fire range and many other gameplay changes.
  3. In addition to multiplayer variants of competitive modes and seven maps prepared for them, the upcoming beta will feature three story missions, which we will complete either solo or in cooperative mode.
  4. Those who took part in the previous beta tests of Men of War II, should pay attention to a number of improvements made by the developers. Their list includes, among other things, the ability to create bunkers, shelters and observation towers as defensive structures on all maps, the introduction of new buildings, animations and sound effects, as well as improvements to vehicle pathfinding and, finally, better performance.
  5. The beta version under discussion is expected to be very close to what will be found in the full version. Player feedback gathered during testing is expected to be used by the developers to make final tweaks and changes to the gameplay balance.
Men of War 2 Final Beta Sign-ups Begin - picture #1

Men of War IISource: Fulqrum Publishing / Steam

Men of War II will debut on PC on September 20.

  1. Men of War II - official website

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