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News video games 14 December 2023, 05:25

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Might and Magic Game With Open World May be Called Fates and Come From Ubisoft (Rumor)

It seems that we are getting closer to the announcement of the next Might & Magic game. Ubisoft has registered Internet domain names that may reveal the title of the new project.

Source: Ubisoft

We may soon witness the return of the beloved Might & Magic brand. Ubisoft has registered two Internet domains, which suggest that the as yet unannounced project will be subtitled "Fates".

Information that the French corporation is preparing another game in the series should not surprise anyone. In early 2022, Ubisoft Shanghai branch posted job offers for an AAA game representing the Might & Magic brand. At the time, the company was looking for people to handle the marketing and launch of the title.

In addition, specialists were being recruited regarding the design of open worlds. Ubisoft Shanghai required applicants to have at least one such release on their resume, on which they had worked "in a senior or leading position."

An industry leaker who accessed the above information stresses that Ubisoft may be working on several games under the Might & Magic banner, and Fates does not have to be the aforementioned open-world project. It could just as well be a mobile game similar to Genshin Impact.

So there is nothing left for us to do but to be patient and await more information from the developers. This may already appear early next year, with the 10th anniversary of Might & Magic X: Legacy's release.

Kamil Kleszyk

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