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News guides 22 March 2024, 03:10

Monopoly Go - Golden Blitz on March 22 Explained

Looking forward to the next Golden Blitz event for Monopoly Go? Have you heard about the potential date of March 22? In this article we explain everything related to it.

Source: Monopoly Go!, developer: Scopely

Monopoly Go is a mobile version of the well-known, even iconic, board game Monopoly. This title has been very well received by fans. So, it is not surprising that the developers are constantly improving their product and adding a number of new events. One of them that fans are most looking forward to is Golden Blitz. The community speculates that it may even appear today, March 22nd. But is it for sure? We will explain it in our article!

Monopoly Go – Golden Blitz on March 22?

A large part of the community is talking with great enthusiasm about the next return of the Golden Blitz event. However, interestingly, a sizable part believes that the event may come much sooner than some might think. We are talking about March 22. There are some unofficial sources, which seem to back up this theory, like this Reddit post.

It is worth noting that this is nothing official and there is a probability that the return of this event will not appear at all on March 22nd. However, the hope for the fulfillment of this date is not unfounded, as Golden Blitz recently appears mostly every week. On the other hand, the last time players were able to enjoy it on.... March 15th, which was exactly one week ago. Nevertheless, these are only speculations. In fact, there is nothing left to do but wait for the official addition of this event in the game!

What is the Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly Go?

Golden Blitz is a temporary event that usually lasts 1 day, or a little longer. It allows you to trade pairs of gold stickers. These pairs are always pre-defined for each event. They are needed to complete the album. With them you earn Stickers Stars, which are used to open safes, unlocking exclusive rewards!

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