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News video games 02 August 2022, 14:54

MultiVersus Attracted Millions of Players Even Before Official Debut

MultiVersus is enjoying tremendous popularity. According to internal rankings, millions of players have tested the game.

  • MultiVersus is immensely popular.
  • The in-game ranking reveals that at least 5 million people have tested the game.
  • The title also boasts great results in terms of the number of active players.

MultiVersus has not yet seen its official release, but it is already enjoying enormous popularity. The game's internal rankings reveal that millions of players have already tested the production.

Millions of Batmans, Shaggies and Bugs Bunnies.

Open beta tests are currently underway in MultiVersus and it was immediately clear that the game is really popular. We did not have to wait long for it to reach the list of the 10 most popular titles on Steam.

Until now, however, we did not know how many players decided to test the game. Admittedly, the developers still haven't shared specific numbers, but we can estimate them with the help of the rankings present in the game.

This is because successive battles affect our rank, thanks to which we can compare our achievements with the rest of the players. Journalist from PC Gamer has shared a screenshot, on which we can see that its author took the place with the number 4,929,968.

MultiVersus Attracted Millions of Players Even Before Official Debut - picture #1
Source: PC Gamer

Of course, it is doubtful that this player has the absolute worst score in the game. Most likely, then, there are many people who occupy even further positions. In turn, this would mean that MultiVersus has already been played by at least 5 million players.

So the developers from Player First Games have reasons to be happy. Now all that remains is to do everything to keep the attention of as many as possible from the aforementioned millions of players.

For now, however, they are doing quite well, as indicated by the results of user activity according to SteamDB. Thanks to them, we know that yesterday almost 140,000 people played the game at the same time.

  1. MultiVersus - official website

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