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News video games 05 February 2019, 00:50

author: Serek

New FPS from Creative Assembly Confirmed

The rumors suggesting that Creative Assembly is working on a new FPS turned out to be true. The studio has confirmed it on Twitter. The mysterious project will be a completely new IP, taking place in an original science fiction setting.

New FPS from Creative Assembly Confirmed - picture #1
If you were looking forward to a new Alien game... well, maybe next time.

The reports that Creative Assembly is making a completely new FPS have been confirmed. After new job openings that appeared on the developer's website, it was time for the official announcement – which appeared on the company’s Twitter account. In the post we can read that the studio was visited by Neil Blomkamp – a film director whose portfolio includes such hits as District 9, Elysium or Chappie. Interestingly, it has also been known for some time that the artist is working on an unannounced movie title set in the Alien universe. If you hoped that some dots can be connected between the said project and the game's announcement, we have bad news for you. The new production from Creative Assembly will be a completely new IP.

The creators announce that the new title will be an innovative production that will revitalize classic FPS games. The game will most likely be set in an original science fiction setting and will include a multiplayer mode. Naturally, there will be no shortage of RPG elements, which have been quite fashionable recently. The production will be powered by Unreal Engine 4. Neil Blomkamp is grateful to the the creators for inviting him to the project and joins the praise for the title by publishing a rather enthusiastic post. The director wrote that the FPS he saw looks amazing. He also emphasized that the production has an amazing core concept.

We will probably have to wait a little longer for any details. Nevertheless, the vision of a new title developed by Creative Assembly and set in the original SF setting is certainly a pleasant one.

  1. Creative Assembly official website
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