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News hardware & software 28 September 2021, 15:20

author: Martin Nothing

New Trojan Steals Data From Steam and Epic Games Store Accounts

Researchers from Kaspersky have described a serious threat to gamers. A trojan called BloodyStealer can be used to steal accounts from the most popular platforms, such as Steam and Epic Games Store.

As reported by Kaspersky, the Trojan is becoming increasingly popular on the darknet, where it can be purchased relatively easily. Researchers working on the case detected BloodyStealer in March 2021, which is likely when it was first used. The trojan itself is very difficult to detect on a computer because it is equipped with features that enable it to hide effectively.

New Trojan Steals Data From Steam and Epic Games Store Accounts - picture #1
Losing access to an account can be quite an experience for some people (Source: Kaspersky)

As such, BloodyStealer enables users to quickly obtain passwords, cookies, bank account credentials or sessions from various apps unbeknownst to them. The trojan is sold on darknet forums at a low price. A monthly subscription costs only about $10 and lifetime access to the tool costs around $40. A recent Kaspersky study shows that game accounts data is a very popular commodity. Login pack for the most popular platforms can be bought for as little as $15. This amount gives us access to 1000 accounts. However, for a package of 280,000 accounts we need to pay $4000, and the cheapest games cost even 20 cents each.

What should we do to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of the new trojan? One of the best ways will definitely be to protect our account using two-step authentication. To be on the safe side, gamers should not click on external links that are often sent in chat rooms of popular online games. Downloading illegal software also carries the risk that virus-infected files will be copied to your hard drive. It is also worth getting a anti-virus software.

Martin Nothing

Martin Nothing

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