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Bethesda Launcher Migration to Steam Starts Next Week

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 24 April 2022, 22:18

Starting next week, users of the launcher offered by Bethesda will be able to transfer the games they own to Steam. The platform of Skyrim's creators, which has existed for six years, will be shut down in May.

Minister Mykhailo Fedorov Calls on Valve to Resume Payments to Ukrainian Devs

Adam Adamczyk, 20 April 2022, 12:03

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov wrote a letter to Gabe Newell. In it, he calls for the resumption of payments to Ukrainian artists.

Bethesda Launcher Migration to Steam Delayed

Przemyslaw Dygas, 12 April 2022, 14:11

The operation of transferring games from Bethesda Launcher to Steam will be delayed until May.

Gamers Lose Access to Digital Versions of PS Vita and PS3 Games

Adrian Werner, 10 April 2022, 14:07

Something bad is happening in Sony's digital store. Many PS Vita and PS3 console users have lost access to old games they have purchased.

GOG Returns to the Roots and Publishing Old Games

Jacob Blazewicz, 07 April 2022, 12:01 will again focus on expanding its offer of „good old games” and making it easier to find classic titles.

20 Years Ago Steam Was Officially Revealed - 'Special Software' Changed PCs

Milosz Szubert, 24 March 2022, 21:01

Tuesday marked exactly 20 years since the first announcement of Valve's Steam. It's a good time to reminisce about how this digital distribution platform was talked about back then.

EA Removes Game Keys From Official Stores

Jacob Blazewicz, 11 March 2022, 19:10

Electronic Arts game keys have started disappearing from digital stores like Humble and GMG for no apparent reason.

More Than 31 Million People Bought Their First Steam Game in 2021

Adrian Werner, 09 March 2022, 11:07

Valve has summarized the past year on Steam. The service recorded big increases - both in terms of revenue and user activity.

Console Ports Ruled on Steam in January, Including God of War

Adrian Werner, 01 March 2022, 13:30

We got to know the biggest releases of January on Steam. Among them were ports of console hits in the form of God of War and Monster Hunter: Rise.

Over 50% of Bitcoin Transactions on Steam Were Suspicious

Adrian Werner, 27 February 2022, 14:44

Gabe Newell explained why Valve abandoned bitcoin payments. It turns out that more than half of such transactions on Steam were linked to some kind of fraud.

Bethesda Launcher Will be No More, Company Migrates Entirely to Steam

Jacob Blazewicz, 22 February 2022, 18:53

Bethesda Softworks is giving up on its own gaming platform. The Bethesda Launcher, which has been in existence since 2016, will end its life in a few months, and the company will let gamers move over to Steam.

Steam Sales Schedule Revealed

Adrian Werner, 02 February 2022, 13:46

Valve has revealed the dates for the next nine sales on Steam. The company also announced a plan that includes changing the rules for discounts, which will enable developers and publishers to discount their games more often.

Epic Games Store is Doing Better, Though It Still Relies on Giveaways

Miriam Moszczynska, 28 January 2022, 12:21

Epic Games has wrapped up 2021. Progress is undeniable, and Tim Sweeney's team does not intend to drop the pace. This is to be helped by further innovations on the platform.

Ready or Not Takes the Cake - December's Biggest Steam Launches

Adrian Werner, 27 January 2022, 15:29

In December, many Steam users chose the tactical shooters Ready or Not and Thunder Tier One. Icarus and Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach also recorded excellent debuts.

God of War Still Undefeated on Steam, But Chinese Competition Rises

Adrian Werner, 24 January 2022, 11:46

The past week on Steam once again belonged to God of War, Monster Hunter: Rise and Ready or Not. The surprize was, however, the excellent debut of Warm Snow.

Steam's Record-breaking Streak Continues

Hubert Sledziewski, 24 January 2022, 11:36

Four weeks into January and four records - Steam does not slow down when it comes to the number of concurrent users. Last weekend the platform broke the 29 million threshold.

Steam Sets New Activity Record With Over 28 Million Concurrent Users

Adrian Werner, 10 January 2022, 21:43

It has only been a week since Steam set a new activity record, and it has already been broken. Yesterday more than 28 million users were logged into the service at the same time.

Steam Sets New Activity Record to Start the Year

Adrian Werner, 03 January 2022, 13:10

The new year has started successfully for Steam. The service has just set a new activity record with over 27 million users logged in simultaneously.

How Much For All Games From Steam Winter Sale 2021?

Przemyslaw Dygas, 27 December 2021, 16:16

There is a website on the web, where you can check the cost of buying all the games from Steam. The amount may surprise you.

Microsoft Took Steam by Storm; Halo and Forza Among November's Biggest Releases

Adrian Werner, 22 December 2021, 14:20

November turned out to be a hot month on Steam in terms of releases. The biggest revenue was generated by such productions as Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Battlefield 2042, Russian Fishing 4 or Gunfire Revolt.

Ubisoft Removes Player Account in Accordance With GDRP

Paul Musiolik, 19 December 2021, 21:28

After a year of inactivity on the player's account, Ubisoft removed it, depriving the user of access to games worth hundreds of dollars. All this was done in compliance with the regulations and laws of the European Union.

Apple Gains Time in Epic Games Trial

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 December 2021, 00:13

Apple doesn't have to rush to implement support for third-party links and payments. Court of appeal has suspended the execution of September's injunction, which was planned for tomorrow.

The Riftbreaker Among October's Biggest Steam Launches

Adrian Werner, 01 December 2021, 13:34

The Riftbreaker was among the biggest releases of October on Steam. Other hits included Age of Empires 4, Back 4 Blood, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Hinokami Chronicles and Inscryption. in the Red - CD Projekt Announces Return to the Roots

Hubert Sledziewski, 30 November 2021, 16:36 brings considerable losses. Its managers believe that they will be able to turn the trend around if they return to their original business of providing a range of carefully selected DRM-free games.

Ubisoft Could Return to Releasing Games on Steam

Adrian Werner, 30 November 2021, 10:59

There have been suggestions that Ubisoft intends to return to releasing new games on Steam after a hiatus of several years.

Steam With New Record - Valve has Reasons to Celebrate

Czarus, 28 November 2021, 22:35

According to SteamDB, Valve's store has broken its previous activity record. The figure is impressive.

Microsoft Chases After Competitors; New Features for Xbox App on PC Inbound

Milosz Szubert, 12 November 2021, 17:52

Installing games purchased from Microsoft Store or present in Xbox Game Pass on PC will soon be much more pleasant. Soon, the Xbox app for PC should add the option to easily put game files in any folder with unlimited access to them.

Apple Resists Ruling in Epic Case; New Verdict

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 November 2021, 22:51

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has rejected Apple's request that it hold off on introducing links and third-party payments in the App Store following the Epic Games ruling.

Age of Empires 4 is the Best RTS Debut in Steam's History

Adrian Werner, 01 November 2021, 11:27

Age of Empires 4 recorded a great launch on Steam. The game was last week's biggest bestseller and scored the best debut in the history of the RTS genre on the service.

Logging Into Steam With a QR Code? Such Feature Could Debut Soon

Michael Zegar, 26 October 2021, 21:39

Steam may get a QR code login option. The feature will reportedly debut with the release of Steam Deck.

Steam's Biggest September Launches - New World nad Tales of Arise

Adrian Werner, 26 October 2021, 12:22

Last month many hits debuted on Steam, including New World and Tales of Arise, but also a surprize in the form of Cookie Clicker.

Zombies and Leshen are the Highlights of Steam's Bestseller List

Adrian Werner, 25 October 2021, 10:25

Last week, Back 4 Blood and New World continued to be the best-selling games on Steam. On the other hand, Inscryption recorded a surprisingly good launch.

Google Sues Epic; Fortnite on Android Still Bypasses Google Play's Commision

Michael Zegar, 13 October 2021, 21:58

Google is suing Epic Games. As it turns out, despite Fortnite being removed from Google Play, the game continues to make money on Android - while avoiding paying a commission for the Mountain View giant.

New Trojan Steals Data From Steam and Epic Games Store Accounts

Nicek, 28 September 2021, 15:20

Researchers from Kaspersky have described a serious threat to gamers. A trojan called BloodyStealer can be used to steal accounts from the most popular platforms, such as Steam and Epic Games Store.

Humankind and Psychonauts 2 Among Steam's Biggest August Release

Hubert Sledziewski, 25 September 2021, 21:04

A list of the biggest game releases of August was announced on Steam. It includes such items as Humankind, Psychonauts 2, Naraka: Bladepoint, 12 Minutes, King's Bounty 2 or Road 96.

Steam Could Soon Enable Us to Play Games During Installation

Michael Zegar, 21 September 2021, 22:07

Valve's new patent may enable users to play a title while it's being installed. There has also been speculation that it could allow for increased hardware performance during gameplay.

Deathloop Rises to the Top on Steam Despite Technical Issues on PC

Adrian Werner, 20 September 2021, 12:47

Last week on Steam belonged to the debuting Deathloop. Beaver city builder game Timberborn also recorded a very good launch.

Steam Makes it Easier to Download and Manage Games

Jacob Blazewicz, 11 September 2021, 21:11

Steam has received a major update with important changes. From now on, all users of the platform can enjoy improvements that make it easier to manage downloads and disk space.

Epic Games vs. Apple; Court Rules on App Store Transactions

Hubert Sledziewski, 11 September 2021, 20:25

A court decision has been made in the battle between Apple and Epic Games, judging that apps available on the App Store may allow purchases bypassing the platform's payment system.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Succesful on Steam

Adrian Werner, 06 September 2021, 14:18

Last week on Steam belonged to the RPG Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and the shooter Battlefield 5. Naraka: Bladepoint, and No Man's Sky and Phasmophobia returned to top 10 bestsellers.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite and Destiny 2 Go Hot on Steam

Adrian Werner, 30 August 2021, 13:23

In the past week, Steam users mainly bought expansions for Destiny 2 and Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Naraka: Bladepoint is still doing very well.

GTA 5 Attracted Millions of Players to Epic Games Store

Jacob Blazewicz, 22 August 2021, 21:21

The giveaway of Grand Theft Auto V on Epic Games Store has been a hit. Last year's promotion for the fifth installment of Rockstar Games' gangster series won the platform more users than any other free title.

EA Apologizes for Removing Older Games From GOG

Michael Kulakowski, 18 August 2021, 21:56

Following protests from gamers over the pulling of classic Electronic Arts hits such as Ultima Underworld 1 2, Syndicate Plus and Syndicate Wars from sale, the publisher has apologized for the situation and promised to change its policy on old titles.

Naraka: Bladepoint Goes Hot on Steam

Adrian Werner, 16 August 2021, 11:01

Naraka: Bladepoint is taking Steam by storm. The game was last week's biggest bestseller, and the number of people playing it is breaking records day by day.

Back 4 Blood Pre-orders Went Big on Steam; Grounded Reaches Top 10

Hubert Sledziewski, 09 August 2021, 14:12

Last week brought a big reshuffle in the list of the best selling games on Steam. New World, which has been on top lately, dropped significantly, and its place was taken by the upcoming shooter Back 4 Blood. Grounded from Obsidian Entertainment also made it to the top.

Epic Games Store Won't Turn a Profit Until 2027 at the Earliest

Paul Musiolik, 07 August 2021, 20:51

Epic Games lost nearly $500 million on its store. The court dispute with Apple brings new information on the scale of the financial flop that is EGS so far.

Epic Games' First Exclusives Were Flops; Only One Game Turned Profit

Michal Ciezadlik, 06 August 2021, 15:43

The documents released during the trial between Epic Games and Apple reveal even more interesting data. According to the latest information, the only exclusive game that made a profit for Epic in the first wave of exclusives was Satisfactiory.

Take-Two CEO Still Doesn't Believe in Game Pass

Przemyslaw Dygas, 03 August 2021, 12:46

Take-Two's CEO once again commented on services such as Xbox Game Pass. Strauss Zelnick still doesn't believe in the success of this distribution model.

The Ascent Conquers Steam; Tribes of Midgard With Good Launch

Adrian Werner, 02 August 2021, 12:57

In the past week, New World did not give up its position as the leader in sales on Steam. Despite this, the devs of The Ascent and Tribes of Midgard have reasons to be happy - both titles recorded a very good launch.

Valve Responds to Wolfire Games' Lawsuit Over Monopolistic Practices on Steam

Hubert Sledziewski, 30 July 2021, 19:44

Valve has responded to April's lawsuit by Wolfire Games, which accused the company of monopolistic regulations. Steam's owners deny the allegations and claim that they are nothing more than an attack on the popular, consumer-acclaimed platform.