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News video games 02 December 2020, 22:18

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Nintendo Hack Perpetrator Will be Jailed for 3 Years

There was a judgment in the case of Ryan Hernandez, a hacker who stole Switch's data and other confidential information from Nintendo's servers. The 21-year-old will spend three years in prison and has to pay the company a huge compensation.

The case of the 21-year-old hacker who stole Nintendo's data has been resolved. The court in Seattle sentenced Ryan "RyanRocks" Hernandez to three years in prison and paying the company a compensation of more than 259 thousand dollars. In this way, he is to pay for using Nintendo employee's data to obtain and upload to the Internet confidential information about the company's plans, including those of the then unreleased Switch.

Although the case has been ongoing since mid-2019, the hacker had become an object of interest for the FBI two years earlier. He obtained credentials of a Nintendo employee back in 2016 and used it diligently. More than a year later, U.S. Secret Service agents contacted the family of the then juvenile Hernandez, forcing him to promise to cease his activities.

However, this apparently didn't frighten the hacker, who not only continued to hack Nintendo's servers but also considered it appropriate to boast about it not only on Discord and Twitter but also... his own forum. This resulted in FBI's second visit to his home in June 2019 and the discovery of thousands of confidential Nintendo files on devices seized by the agents. That, and a similar amount of child pornography, due to which Ryan Hernandez will have to register as a sex offender and be supervised after he is released.

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