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News hardware & software 14 October 2021, 13:18

author: Adrian Werner

Nintendo Switch OLED with Better Joy-Con Mount and Smaller Cooling

iFixit took apart the Nintendo Switch OLED console. Inside it we find a smaller cooling system and better speakers.

  1. OLED screen;
  2. Identical console dimensions, but the screen is larger;
  3. Smaller cooling system;
  4. Better speakers;
  5. Improved Joy-Con mounting mechanism.

Last week, Nintendo released the Switch OLED. People from iFixit have dismantled the device and found a few surprises inside. It turns out that the change of screen is not the only novelty hidden in this model of the console.

The mechanism for attaching the Joy-Cons to the sides of the console has also been improved, thanks to which the connection is now more solid. Unfortunately, the problem with drifting knobs has not yet been completely eliminated.

In addition, the cooling system has been heavily redesigned, now being noticeably smaller. Both the fan and the heat sinks have been shrunk. However, there is no need to panic. Reviews do not mention any problems with overheating. It was similar in the case of the refreshed version of PlayStation 5. It turned out that the new solution holds its ground. Here we are probably also dealing with a situation in which Nintendo, just in case, mounted a more powerful cooling system than was really needed in the first model, and the company could reduce it on the occasion of refreshing the console without negative consequences for the operation of the device.

According to the editors of iFixit, Nintendo Switch OLED is designed so that the repair of the device will not be particularly difficult. First of all, it's relatively easy to remove the new screen. It is still more sensitive than the LCD version in older models, but the risk of damage during such an operation is supposed to be significantly less than in the case of smartphones using OLED technology.

Unfortunately, some of the elements (including the card reader and the headphone jack) are welded, which will make the repair difficult. On a more positive note, the new model of Switch also has better speakers.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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