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News hardware & software 17 September 2021, 17:40

author: Jacob Blazewicz

New PS5 as Seen by Digital Foundry; Cooling Passes the Test

The editors of Digital Foundry and Gamer Nexus tested the new model of PlayStation 5. The conclusion? The refreshed version of the console does not differ from the previous ones.

At the end of August we reported on the launch of a refreshed version of PlayStation 5. The new model is slightly lighter, but the price for this was supposed to be a less efficient cooling system. At least, that's what some sources said - later there were claims that these reports were either untrue or greatly exaggerated. Digital Foundry in cooperation with GamerNexus decided to investigate the matter and the result is a new video.

The tests carried out by DF show that from a practical standpoint, the new PS5 model (designated CFI-1100) is no different from its predecessor. Although the new cooling system is smaller than the old one, Sony has also made other changes, concerning the motherboard, among other things. As a result, some components do indeed heat up more than before, but others maintain noticeably lower temperatures. In practice, neither the new design nor the latest firmware translate into performance differences in gaming or cooling - provided the console stands in a sufficiently "airy" place.

In short, for users there is no difference between the old and new cooling systems. This is all the more pleasing because, after the first reports of "problems" with the CFI-1100 series models, scalpers "cleverly" raised the prices of the first edition PlayStation 5 models and pushily advertised them as "first generation PS5". (vide eBay). Considering the fact that these "entrepreneurs" are enough trouble as they are, we can breathe a sigh of relief that the editors managed to disarm theit argument in this case.

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