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News video games 09 November 2022, 15:29

author: Sonia Selerska

Not Just Xbox, Switch Could Get More Expensive Too

Nintendo, despite recent promises, is considering raising the price of the Nintendo Switch console. Outstanding sales of exclusive games may prevent this.

At a time of rising computer component prices and rampant inflation, game industry giants are being forced to raise the prices of their products. Phil Spencer recently admitted that both consoles and Xbox services will become more expensive in unspecified future. Does Nintendo Switch face the same fate?

Talks on raising Switch prices already underway

The information contained in the latest report by Nintendo reveals that the Japanese company is considering raising the price of the Nintendo Switch console.

Takashi Mochizuki, a journalist working for the Bloomberg agency, says, however, that, as with the Xbox , the price of Nintendo's products is to be maintained at the current level for as long as possible. Such a major decision will not be made anytime soon, but the need to raise Switch prices is already a topic of discussion.

This is surprising news in light of Nintendo's past declarations that the Switch - which is the most youth-friendly console for gamers - was not going to get more expensive due to children making up a large percentage of users.

Not Just Xbox, Switch Could Get More Expensive Too - picture #1
Source: Twitter

Successful game sales will save the price of the console?

The console has been achieving considerable success recently with exclusive games (more on this in our yesterday's news).

According to Game Data Library, Animal Crossing: New Horizon 2020 recently achieved the status of the best-selling game in Japan's history, surpassing the sales results of Super Mario Bros from 1985 or Pokemon Red/Green/Blue.

Not Just Xbox, Switch Could Get More Expensive Too - picture #2
Source: Twitter

In addition, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, released this March, broke popularity records, becoming the best-selling installment of the series about the pink hero, selling more than 5 million copies worldwide.

Nintendo's age-old strategy of prioritizing top-quality exclusives is working as well as ever. Perhaps this policy will set the Switch apart from Microsoft and Sony's consoles and allow it to sustain current prices for longer.

Sonia Selerska

Sonia Selerska

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