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News video games 19 May 2021, 15:21

More FPS in No Man's Sky and Everspace 2; DLSS in 8 More Games

Nvidia's DLSS feature came to another eight games. Such titles as No Man's Sky or Everspace 2 can now boast impressive effects of the technology.

  • Nvidia's DLSS appeared in eight more games;
  • The list includes No Man's Sky and Everspace 2;
  • The technology also works when playing in VR.

Eight more games have received DLSS technology support from Nvidia. Support for the feature allows for a significant increase in fps number. Its effects can now be seen in No Man's Sky, AMID EVIL, Aron's Adventure, Everspace 2, Redout: Space Assault, Scavengers, Into The Radius and Wrench. This means that DLSS is already available in more than 50 games.

Especially positively received was the information about the introduction of this feature to No Man's Sky. Hello Games' title is, next to Everspace 2, by far the most popular of the aforementioned titles. Nvidia showed off the effects of using its technology in the popular sandbox, which aroused a lot of enthusiasm among fans on Reddit.

"I honestly struggle to get a consistent 80+ FPS at 1080p (any settings) with a 3060ti and Ryzen 5 5600x. Really hoping this gives me that boost that I need."

- TheBlanketBandit

"Every modern game that's even kind of demanding should try to have DLSS support. Such a universally good feature/option."

- auwsmit

Nvidia announced that DLSS also works with virtual reality. Gamers, who are immersed in the worlds of No Man's Sky, Into The Radius and Wrench using VR will therefore be able to use the new feature just like regular users.

The company also returned to the topic of Metro: Exodus, once again reminding us of the special version of the technology that was used for the game. This is because the FPS based on Glukhovsky's novel uses DLSS 2.0. The new version of this feature allows for even better effects when playing at 4K resolution.

Those who are curious about the full list showing the increase in fps with the use of DLSS in individual games, can examine it on Nvidia's official website.

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