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News video games 31 December 2021, 15:33

author: Adrian Werner

Oculus Games Recorded Great Sales on Christmas 2021

This year's Christmas was very successful for VR games. The growth in the category is mainly due to the Oculus platform.

This year's Christmas proved to be exceptionally good for VR games. Market leader Meta (formerly Facebook) doesn't share its hardware sales, but Oculus was the most popular free app on the App Store surpassing even TikTok. This is most likely due to the fact that many people got these goggles as a gift and downloaded the app needed to set them up.

Also, many developers have bragged about excellent results in the last few days. Developers of RecRoom have recorded one million VR user logins in the 60 hours since Christmas. Earlier this year it took them a month to reach such a number.

Oculus Games Recorded Great Sales on Christmas 2021 - picture #1

On Christmas, Golf+ gained so many users that the developers were forced to launch additional servers. December 24, 2021 was the best sales day in the history of this game. However, it did not keep this title for long, because on December 25 even better results were obtained.

A large increase in activity was also recorded by the developers of Eleven Table Tennis. A few days before Christmas, the game achieved activity records at the level of 800 players at the same time. However, at the hottest moment on December 25, it was over 1800 people.

Oculus Games Recorded Great Sales on Christmas 2021 - picture #2

The creators of Gorilla Tag boasted that during the holiday weekend their game was played by 344 thousand people, and the activity record amounted to more than 26 thousand players at the same time.

It all goes to show that VR is doing just fine, but that only applies to the Oculus platform. Quite a few of the aforementioned games are also available on PC and PlayStation VR, but the growth in the category is driven almost exclusively by Meta's device.

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