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News video games 01 September 2022, 15:39

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Opened 1,000 Legendary Packages in Lost Ark, Got Scammed 966 Times

A Lost Ark player decided to open 1,000 card packs. What he got is disappointment, and the community is not unhappy with the scale of this achievement.

Lost Ark, as befits an MMORPG, has lootboxes, and by opening them you have to expect a lot of risk. How much? Considering one player's experiment - with a very much. He opened 1,000 card packs and received only 34 legendary items.

Cards in Lost Ark

Cards in MMOs are one of the ways to upgrade your character, and you can get them in several ways. You can, of course, buy them in packs (that's the easier, but more expensive way), as SaphirSatillo did. Another way is to simply farm and get cards for the tasks you perform.

Cards cannot be traded, but it is possible to create sets. These, in turn, will enable you to improve your character's statistics.

Luck or rather the lack thereof

Although no one watching this "unboxing" expected amazing results, getting only 34 legendary cards is a bit disappointing. Below you will also find the stats of other items that SaphirSatillo obtained.

  1. 53 common cards
  2. 166 uncommon cards
  3. 535 rare cards
  4. 216 epic maps

Player reactions

It is hard to find a positive response. The community not only negatively commented on the randomness distribution presented by the player, but also the length of the video. Although the latter is not related to the "predatory" game mechanics..

"The assumption is that he should get 38 legendaries, he got 34, a bit unlucky.

The cards are OK, but they are far from sensational," wrote maelstrom51.

"Worst system in the game.

A predatory mess," wrote Binkles1807.

"Getting scammed 966 times*," wrote Syntrak referring to the title of the post.

No one is going to force anyone to open card packs, although the luck that was(n't) on the player's side can serve as a pretty effective deterrent. After all, no one will want to spend money on packages with mediocre drop.. Well, except maybe for some whales.

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