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News video games 11 December 2023, 06:15

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Paradox Fights for Players; Victoria 3 Gets a Series of Free Updates

More free updates are heading to Victoria 3, which will introduce many new features and fixes. Paradox Interactive has shared the schedule of changes.


Developers of the last year's strategy game Victoria 3 are not stopping in support for their work. Paradox Development Studio wants to keep the players interested, as well as attract potential new fans, by releasing free updates. As part of the developer's diary, we learned what patches and new features will soon be coming to Victoria 3.

Upcoming changes

A major update 1.5 was released in November, but the one numbered 1.6 is already on the horizon. However, before we get a sizable update introducing new mechanics, we should expect a smaller patch numbered 1.5.11, which is expected to come out this week. Among other things, it will fix some visual bugs and balance convoy mechanics.

The developers are unable to specify when exactly the next major free update will be released. However, they specified what will be changed and added.

  1. Individual ships will be transformed into military equipment that can be built, repaired and sunk.
  2. A system of limited wars, which will reduce the number of battles between Great Powers in the early stages of the game.
  3. Significant improvements will be made to artificial intelligence - AI-controlled countries will play in a more believable and engaging way.
  4. The journal with entries and events will be changed to have a greater impact on gameplay.
  5. There will be new content for countries, states and regions.
  6. Interactions with subjects will be improved.
  7. The interest groups in question will be able to influence diplomacy, and the rewards and challenges for maintaining diplomatic interests will be greater.
  8. Legitimacy will become a more interesting mechanic.
  9. New laws to increase the diversity of countries and the concept of national pride will be added.

There are many more changes planned. If you want to get acquainted with all the details, I refer you to the post on Steam. An abbreviated list of new features, including those that have recently been introduced in Victoria 3 by the developers, is available below.

Paradox Fights for Players; Victoria 3 Gets a Series of Free Updates - picture #1

Victoria 3 - player interest

The big free updates are apparently part of Paradox's strategy to attract new players to the game and encourage those who decided to give up playing for a while to return. If you consider the number of active people on Steam, Victoria 3 is not doing particularly well. On average, between 5 and 10 thousand fans are playing the title simulatneously.

Recently, one relatively large spike in activity can be observed (more than 27 thousand people at one time), and this was due to the free weekend.

Paradox Fights for Players; Victoria 3 Gets a Series of Free Updates - picture #2
Source: SteamDB

The older Paradox titles are doing much better, such as Hearts of Iron IV (on average 30-50 thousand players) or Europa Universalis IV (average of 10-20 thousand). Time will tell if updates or new additions will help the third Victoria.

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