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News guides 15 February 2024, 03:18

author: Damian Gacek

Persona 3 Reload (P3R) - Ambush and Security Site Note Explained

In this P3R guide we will tell you about Ambush and Security Site Notes. Learn more about one of the important skills.

Source: Persona 3 Reload, Developer: Atlus

Persona 3 Reload seems to be one of the best remakes published recently. It brings this classic game to the new platforms, at the same time keeping the spirit of the original alive. The title is so cherished by fans thanks to many aspects. For example, we can name various interesting mechanics which are revealed through the game, as something eye-catching. Some of them are hidden, like Ambush. At some point, you will be able to use Security Site Note to unlock it.

Persona 3 Reload – How to Get Security Site Note

Security Site Note is one of the URLs available in Escapade Club (Paulownia Mall). It is not ready to be bought straight away. You will need to wait until July to purchase it. You should hear a rumor at school which should signal the availability of the item. It costs 5000 and unlocks Ambush.

Persona 3 Reload – How to use Ambush

Ambush is a skill which can be used during exploration of Tartarus. As it was mentioned, it is unlocked by buying and using URL Security Site Note.

Once unlocked, you can use it after dashing for a while and attacking the opponent. If you manage to do it from behind, there is a chance to inflict additional harmful effects.

Later on, you will be able to buy more URLs which will upgrade this skill:

  1. Assassin Site Note.
  2. History Website Note.
  3. Ninja Fansite Note.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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