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News guides 12 February 2024, 08:03

author: Agnes Adamus

Persona 3 Reload (P3R) - Seafood, Hagakure Bowl, Wilduck Set Social Stats Explained

Are you wondering why eating Seafood, Hagakure Bowl or Wilduck in P3R only gives you two notes? From this guide you will learn how these mechanics work.

Source: Persona 3 Reload, developer: Atlus

Persona 3 Reload is a remake of released in 2007 jRPG called Persona 3. You play the role of a student who fights with shadows. You have to balance your private and nightlife. Your character is defined by three Social Stats. Developing these skills will allow you to unlock special dishes. You will receive two notes for eating this type of meal. This is exactly the same number as for eating regular food. From this guide you will learn why this is happening.

Two Notes for eating Seafood Full Course, Special Hagakure Bowl and Weekend Wilduck Set in Persona 3 Reload Explained

When you eat meals in Persona 3 Reload you get a certain number of Social Stat points. They are graphically represented by notes. For eating special dishes, you will gain only two notes in a skill. This is exactly the same as in the case of regular dishes. At the same time, you will pay more for premium meals. How is that a good deal?

Each note represents a value of some smaller points which add to your stat level. It seems that in the original version of the game, the notes represented the precise number of points. However, in Persona 3 Reload this was changed. Now, when you see two notes, you can get points from a certain range (most probably 11-20). This means that the special dishes still bring greater benefits than regular dishes, however, they are not profitable enough, to give 3 notes.

How to unlock Seafood Full Course, Special Hagakure Bowl, Weekend Wilduck Set Set in Persona 3 Reload

In Persona 3 Reload you can raise three Social Stats (Academics, Charm and Courage). Each of them describes specific aspects of your character. Reaching higher levels will allow you to unlock Social links or enter new locations. So, developing them is very important. Food has a big role in increasing Social Stats. Some “better” dishes are unlocked when a certain level of Social Stats is reached.

Seafood Full Course

Seafood Full Course is meal served in Wakatsu Kitchen. It’s unlocked when you reach rank 3 of Charm.

Special Hagakure Bowl

Special Hagakure Bowl is also served in Wakatsu Kitchen. It’s unlocked when you reach rank 3 of Courage.

Weekend Wilduck Set

Weekend Wilduck Set is more complicated to unlock. It requires unlocking Elizabeth's quests and completing three of them:

  1. Bring me a Muscle Drink,
  2. I'd like to try all kinds of drinks,
  3. I'd like to try a beef bowl,

After finishing them, you will get access to the Big Eater Challenge taking place in Wilduck. When you complete it, you will unlock the Weekend Wilduck Set.

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