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News video games 26 June 2023, 00:17

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Phil Spencer Made a Solemn Vow About Call of Duty on PlayStation

Xbox boss Phil Spencer made a promise to the court that Call of Duty would continue to be released on Sony's consoles. However, the way he worded his pledge may be questionable.

Source: Xbox

Microsoft representatives have repeatedly assured that, in the event of the acquisition of Activision, they would continue to make the Call of Duty series available for PlayStation consoles. The same promise - albeit under oath this time - was made by Xbox chief Phil Spencer during a court hearing with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

In his declaration the CEO stated that the corporation is well aware of the negative consequences that the removal of CoD from Sony's consoles would have. Therefore, the popular shooter series will continue to appear on - and here it should be noted - PS5.

"I think as we’ve seen even in preparation for this that gamers are an active and vocal group. Us pulling Call of Duty from PlayStation in my view would create irreparable harm for the Xbox brand. I would raise my hand [to take the oath - ed. note]. I would do whatever it takes. We don't have a plan. Standing here, I make a pledge that we will not withdraw Call of Duty - this is my testimony - from PlayStation. Sony, of course, must allow us to deliver games to their platform, but regardless, my commitment is, and my testimony is, that we will continue to ship future versions of Call of Duty on Sony’s PlayStation 5,"he said (via The Verge).

Is mentioning only the "five" Spencer's slip of tongue? Or did the Xbox chief deliberately not mention anything about Sony's future consoles? Unfortunately, we don't know what his intentions were, and we probably won't find out soon.

Kamil Kleszyk

Kamil Kleszyk

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