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News video games 12 March 2019, 13:05

author: Agnes Adamus

Player Makes Death Trap in Fallout 76, Opens For Business

Morbid human creativity knows no bounds. A certain Fallout 76 player has built a maze with a Deathclaw inside. He then proceeded to lure unsuspecting players by offering them attractive prizes.

Fallout 76 players sure know how to have fun. The case was proven by one Korindabar, who created his own variation of the Minotaur maze. However, instead of this mythical being, the corridors of his maze are roamed by a no less deadly Deathclaw, and the role of Theseus is played by unsuspacting gamers.

Player Makes Death Trap in Fallout 76, Opens For Business - picture #1
Seems legit...

The player shared his story on Reddit. Korindabar placed the structure near the starting location and aimed to attracted low-level characters, promising prizes for clearing the maze. Of course, none of the users realized at first that there is only one way out of the maze, and that there is a Deathclaw patrolling it . The struggles of the imprisoned players are captured in the movie below.

One of the mechanics implemented in Fallout 76 is the taming of wild animals. It was with its help that Korindabar placed his Deathclaw in the labyrinth. As he claims, it took him three days to find this creature and convince it to watch over the construction for him. Most interestingly, animals deal very little damage to human characters until they are attacked. This means that players trapped in the maze were relatively safe until they started shooting...

It is worth recalling that Fallout 76 is a spin off of a series of post-apocalyptic RPGs, implemented as a multiplayer survival game. Since its launch, the production has faced numerous technical problems. This translated into low review and community scores. In addition, a lot of controversies have arisen around it, such as those related to bans for exploiting game errors. More than a week ago, on the occasion of a hundred days after the release, the developers have shared a roadmap for the coming months.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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