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News hardware & software 11 September 2020, 11:27

author: Paul Musiolik

PS5 Launch in mid-November

PlayStation 5 will appear on sale in mid-November. The launch is being announced through the Japanese branch of Amazon and Brazilian sources, who have accessed the official manual for the console's remote.

Will PlayStation 5 go on sale mid-November?
  1. The Japanese branch of Amazon posted an offer of PS5 pre-orders with a date set for November 20.
  2. In Brazil, a scan of the manual for PS5's remote appeared, along with its planned release - November 17.
  3. However, Sony has yet to officially announce anything and we are still waiting more information.

PlayStation 5 may debut in mid-November. Further information from the web indicates that the console will appear on sale in the third week of November. Japanese branch of Amazon has added (and quickly removed) PlayStation 5 accessories in their offer, each of which is expected to go on sale on November 20, 2020. Before the product cards disappeared from the store, Twitter user Renka_schedule took some screenshots and published them on Twitter.

Reports of the release date of PlayStation 5 are also coming to us from the other side of the globe. Scans of the official PS5 remote control manual have surfaced in Brazil. The scans show that the device will have a microphone for voice control, as well as buttons for Disney, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube apps.

The official remote control for PlayStation 5 will offer dedicated multimedia buttons.

The most important thing, however, is the information that the remote will go on sale on November 17, this year. Combined with information from the Japanese branch of Amazon, we have good foundations speculate that PlayStation 5 will debut in the third week of November. There is still a question of the price, but in this case we do not have any reliable information.

  1. PlayStation 5 - official website

Paul Musiolik

Paul Musiolik

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