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News hardware & software 11 November 2020, 14:51

author: Paul Musiolik

PS5 Re-introduces Wishlists in PS Store

As predicted, the wishlists returned to PlayStation Store. For now, however, only on PS5.

  1. The wishlists in PS Store were removed with the release of the new version of the store.
  2. An improved version of this option has returned, although for now only on PS5.

The new version of PlayStation Store, which debuted in mid-October, lacked many features. One of them is were wishlists, which hurtsplayers the most. Of course we expected the option to come back eventually. And it did, although for now only on PS5.

So far this information has been embargoed. After the embargo was lifter, PushSquare was the first to write about the return of the wishlist.

PS5 Re-introduces Wishlists in PS Store - picture #1
The wishlists returned to PlayStation Store. So far only on PS5.

Once we enter the store, we can add any game or DLC to the wishlist. Sony informs that we will receive notifications about special offers on the console and in the mobile application. At this point in time, the exact method of its operation has not yet been checked, and we have to wait until the first discounts for PS5 games appear on PlayStation Store.

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Paul Musiolik

Paul Musiolik

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