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News video games 24 June 2022, 13:06

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Raft - How to Kill Rhino Shark

A new and dangerous boss has appeared in Raft. Here you will learn how to defeat Rhino Shark.

Source: The Ginger Empire

Raft players are probably used to the company of a bloodthirsty shark during gameplay. After all, he's been around since the game's release and has been eagerly attacking a raft in the middle of the ocean all this time.

Over time, however, it became apparent that it was not much of a threat. Players have learned how to deal with it. So the developers decided to enrich the game with new dangers.

Rhino Shark - where is the new boss?

The release of update 1.0 was connected with a lot of new content coming to Raft. Among them there was a new type of shark, the Rhino Shark. He is another boss in the game, which can be a huge threat to players.

However, finding him is not that easy. Rhino Shark appears in a new location called Varuna Point. This is another storyline "island" that consists of several unfinished structures in the middle of the ocean.

Many traps, puzzles and parkour challenges await you on the spot. After beating them all you will receive the key to the underwater location called Motherload.

At the same time, you will receive a note that will make it clear to you that there is a powerful opponent waiting for you there.

How to beat Rhino Shark?

Before attempting to defeat the Rhino Shark, you must prepare accordingly. You will be doing battle underwater, so remember to equip yourself with oxygen tanks and fins.

You don't have to worry about gathering the right weapons. The Rhino Shark is immune to all conventional attacks. No matter what weapons you take with you, they will still be ineffective.

Instead, you must play the battle the right way. Below you will find a detailed description that will enable you to defeat the boss.

  1. When you enter a location with a Rhino Shark, there are two things to look out for: the four pillars and the explosive barrels in the area. These will be used to defeat the boss.
  2. During the fight you must position yourself behind the pillars, so that the Rhino Shark will charge towards you and hit the underwater pillars. This will damage them and create a breach in their construction.
  3. You must then fill the gaps in the pillars with explosive barrels found in the area. Once again, lure the shark to the area and make it hit them again.
  4. After destroying all four pillars in this way, you will be able to swim to the next location, where you will find more of them.
  5. You have to repeat the trick from the previous stage. This time, however, the shark must hit a specific spot on the pillars. This is because parts of them are reinforced and thus invulnerable to attacks.
  6. Destroying another set will enable you to move on to the third and final location. Here you will find only one pillar, which will be properly reinforced. Do with it the same as with the previous ones.
  7. Destroying the last pillar will be connected with defeating Rhino Shark. At this point, all you have to do is collect the loot (a whole lot of shark meat) and swim to the surface.

Shark meat is not the only reward you will receive, however. When you return to your raft, you will also see a giant Rhino Shark trophy. It will be a lasting testimony that you have dealt with one of the biggest monsters currently available in Raft.

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