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News video games 22 June 2022, 14:37

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Raft - New Characters and How to Unlock Them

The recent update for Raft introduced four new characters to the game. Find out how to unlock them.

Since the release in early access Raft enables us to play with only two characters. Recently, however, the game received a major update, with the number 1.0. Among a whole bunch of new features there are also four new heroes. Below you will find their list and instructions on how to unlock them.

New characters in Raft - how to unlock them?

Raft - New Characters and How to Unlock Them - picture #1
From left: Tala, Johnny, Elaine and Shogo

Raft added four new characters: Tala, Johnny, Elaine and Shogo. However, you will not be able to start playing with them right away.

First, you'll need to take on the role of a character you know as Maya or Rouhi and unlock new characters accordingly.

  1. Tala - tou will unlock this heroine when you reach the first story island, which is an abandoned radio tower. Go to the main control room and you will see a yellowish glow with a circular shape placed on the floor. Just walk up to it and click the E button to unlock Tali.
  2. Johnny - you will unlock this character when you reach the third story island, which is Balboa Island. Head to the Relay Station #6 (Relay Station). In the room on top of it you will find a familiar glow, which should be activated. This way you will gain access to Johnny.
  3. Elaine - you will unlock another heroine on the island of Tangaroa. You will find a familiar glow at the top of the city's main tower, which extends beyond the border of the dome.
  4. Shogo - the last character is unlocked on one of the newest islands in the game, Temperance. To do so, you'll need to head to the Selene Research Reactor Room. After reaching the vast room with the reactor, head towards the corridor on the left. You will recognize it because of the large amount of snow and ice spikes along its length. Walk down it until you reach a door that will lead you into a smaller room with cryogenic capsules. You will find a familiar glow there.

By following these steps, you will unlock all the characters that have appeared in the game so far. In total, you will be able to use six characters.

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