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News video games 07 March 2019, 13:56

author: Agnes Adamus

Rape Day Removed from Steam

Valve took a lot of flak recently for allowing Rape Day, a controversial title that deals with violence against women, to be released on Steam. The company has decided to intervene and removed the game from Steam's offer.

Rape Day became public only two days ago. The game is described by its producers, Desk Plant studio, as a visual novel in which we play the role of a serial rapist and murderer, acting during a zombie apocalypse. A production with such a controversial subject quickly stirred up the community, which immediately demanded the removal of the game from Steam. There has even been a petition on the Internet on this matter. Finally, Valve decided to intervene and removed Rape Day from its digital distribution platform.

Rape Day Removed from Steam - picture #1
Rape Day will not see a Steam release.

Currently, Rape Day's product card on Steam is not available. In an official statement issued by Valve, the reason for the removal is the inability to assess the risks involved in releasing this production.

The studio responsible for Rape Day has announced through its official website that the development of the game will not be cancelled. In the near future, the developer plans to find a different distribution channel for it. They also plan to bring together publishers of productions whose games have also been removed from Steam in order to set up their own distribution platform for selling controversial games.

The appearance of Rape Day -likegames on Steam is a result of the abolition of censorship by Valve. Since then, there have been productions on the platform dealing with more and more controversial issues, constantly pushing the limit of community's tolerance acceptability.

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