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News video games 30 June 2022, 21:50

author: Michael Zegar

Redfall Trailer Available; More Reassurances for Arkane Studios Fans

A new trailer for Redfall is meant to reassure Arkane fans, showing that it's still a game in its old style, and not a Left 4 Dead clone. It also reveals some details about stealth, retaking districts, playable characters and vampires.

A new trailer of Redfall from Arkane Studios (creators of, among others, Dishonored) has appeared online; you can watch it below. Although it consists mostly of scenes we saw at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022, there's also plenty of insight into the game's wepons, skill tree and inventory management. What's more, the official website of Bethesda (the game's publisher) has released new gameplay information.

Districts, fortresses and stealth

Between story missions, players will be able to reclaim neighborhoods from the paws of vampires and cultists willing to give their lives for them, thus expanding the safe zone for the inhabitants of Redfall Island.

Fortresses of the latter and "twisted metaphysical spaces called nests" are to be scattered throughout the region. In addition, studio director Harvey Smith confirmed that stealth fans will find something to enjoy:

"Redfall is a game in which stealth can give you an advantage over the enemy, help you take an advantageous position or avoid a fight altogether. It is not a classic stealth game, but a shooter with stealth elements (...)."

Four riders

The biographies and skills of the four playable characters were also presented. It is worth recalling that some time ago the developers revealed some details about co-op and single-player modes.

  1. Layla Ellison - "A biomedical engineering student at a local university who was interning at a research facility. There she had a terrible accident, after which she gained telekinetic abilities."
  2. Jacob Boyer - "A former sniper who worked for a private military company. As a result of peculiar events in Redfall, Jacob now has a mysterious vampiric eye and a ghostly raven that does not leave his side."
  3. Remi de la Rosa - "An extremely astute engineer with a military specialty who spent many years of her life on the front lines. With the help of her mechanical sidekick, Bribon, she wants to help the survivors in Redfall."
  4. Devinder Crousley - "Cryptozoologist and ambitious inventor. Armed with a weapon he constructed with his own hands, he strives to prove himself."
Redfall Trailer Available; More Reassurances for Arkane Studios Fans - picture #1
Jacob's faithful raven. Source: YouTube.

GMO vampires

Vampires of Redfall are not classic bloodsuckers. They have metaphysical powers - thanks to which they moved the edge of the ocean away from the island and obscured the sun - and were created as a result of failed scientific experiments.

I need guns... lots of guns

In Redfall you'll find both makeshift guns made by survivors and high-end military hardware - using the right weapon, dealing a specific type of damage, is supposed to be the key to victory.

  1. Of course, there will be no shortage of vampire hunter gear, such as a stake launcher or a UV ray.
  2. Collected equipment we will be able to upgrade and accumulate in our safehouse. Smith commented on this aspect of the game as follows:

"We've created options that players already know and love, such as rare shotguns and marksman rifles with randomly generated features, so each piece provides infinite combination potential (...)."

Premiere and platforms

Redfall will be released in the first half of next year on PC, Xbox Series X/S consoles and via Xbox Cloud Gaming. The title will also be available at launch in Game Pass.

  1. Redfall - official website